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Vanities are the pinnacle of vintage femininity. Infuse a dash of feminine elegance into a master suite, bathroom, or closet with one of our fine antique or designer vanities.

Upgrade Your Everyday With an Antique Vanity

Vanities harken back to a time when women had the luxury and time to make getting ready an art. An antique vanity elevates every boudoir or en suite, imparting a vintage elegance to the room without being particularly overwhelming or gimmicky. In bedrooms, your bed is still the centerpiece of the room, while an antique vanity brings elegance and sophistication. Pull in a formal Victorian-era wooden vanity or a gilded, art-deco style Hollywood-inspired piece--the sky is the limit, with each piece or style bringing a unique and luxurious touch to your room.

Keep in mind that vanities are dramatic and imposing pieces of furniture. The large mirrors, elaborate drawers and shelves, and usually opulent seating makes for an impressive sight even in the sparsest of rooms. Below are our tips on how to own and utilize an antique vanity without overwhelming the rest of your room or furniture.

Add Drama

If you’re looking to complement and not offset your antique furniture, go all in. Add patterned wallpaper to your vanity area, or paint the surrounding walls a deep and dramatic shade, like purple. Embrace the opulence of a vanity and highlight the dramatic feel. If you decide to add wallpaper to the walls that surround your antique vanity, try to match the feel or style of the piece--a large victorian piece calls for damask patterns or velvet textured wallpaper, while a sleek retro antique vanity plays nicely with striped, metallic wallpaper (look for gold if you can).

Balance out a commanding vanity with an equally imposing headboard. Choose something with similar features, like scrolled wood, or a gilded frame. A dramatic headboard will give the room a more balanced look to your bedroom. If you’re looking to offset an authentic antique vanity, choose a more modern headboard with tufted upholstery or quilting. If you have a smaller room that can’t contain both a striking headboard and an antique vanity, think about moving your vanity to the bathroom or a walk-in closet. Keeping the ornate headboard ensures that the two pieces play off each other and the continuity of the room is intact.

If you’re looking to mimic the time-period of your piece without additional furniture or fabrics, framed art in a similar style can bring the opulence of the antique vanity to the forefront. Seek out feminine or romantic pieces that share either the same color palette or general vibe of the piece. Framed in a similar material (carved wood, for example) this artwork can feel intentional and often better suited for smaller rooms.

If your antique vanity doesn’t come with an original designer chair, look for one that accents the style of your piece. Pair your antique vanity with fabrics that you want to touch--velvet, satin, silk, or fur are all good options. Choose an elegant fabric and details that mimics the theme of the vanity--if you have a gilded piece, seek out a neutral velvet chair with ornate gilded legs.

In a similar vein, adding luxurious fabrics in other areas in your room can give you a romantic feel. Add silk or satin throw pillows to your bed, or a satin bedskirt that hangs to the floor. If your vanity does come with a matching chair, consider adding a footstool or second vintage chair.

Mixing & Matching Styles

When it comes to antique vanities (or antique furniture of any style) there’s an important distinction between highlighting the style of the piece and overwhelming your room or home with busy styles. While adding drama is always an option, especially for a personal space like the bedroom, not everyone seeks out that style. If you’re looking to bring your new-to-you designer vanity to the forefront of your room, consider offsetting it with more modern pieces that remain in the background, so to speak, while still solidifying the style of the room.

Bringing in an opulent designer vanity to an already busy room can feel overwhelming. Counter that feeling by either choosing a more toned-down style, or replacing your larger pieces of furniture with more streamlined variations. Replace a large headboard with a cool, sleek version, and swap out ornate seating for more modern pieces.

Highlight the lines and character of your antique vanity by choosing specific lighting options. A Hollywood-inspired piece feels right at home surrounded by bare bulbs and a large mirror, while a more antique version may benefit from heavy wall sconces. You can choose to shed a little light on ornate designer vanities by adding a swan-necked lamp that arches over the back of the piece for a spot light effect. If you’re looking to elevate the vanity to art-gallery worthy impressiveness, find a set of tracking or in-line lights. These impressive fixtures can be directed to shine exactly where you need a little light, without becoming overly hot or crowding your space.

DECASO is Here for You

At DECASO, we want you to find the designer vanity of your dreams, while taking all the guesswork and frustration out of finding the perfect piece. Our selection of designer vanities is sourced from all over. If you can’t find the piece you’re looking for, contact one of our sellers who will be more than happy to work with you in hunting down and securing the perfect antique vanity.