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Bar Stools

For casual cocktails or glamorous soirees, you can't go wrong with designer bar stools. Designed from the finest woods, metals, and glass, bar stools offer unlimited design potential.

Going Beyond the Bar with designer Bar Stools

Bar stools are a versatile and functional furniture piece for any home. Whether for the kitchen, lounge, high-top counter, vanity table, workshop, or any other nook, designer bar stools are a utilitarian complement to so many spaces.

What makes designer bar stools so functional?

By this time we all know that bar stools are the taller, leggier relative of their predecessor, the chair. The average height of a bar stool is 28-33 inches, though this of course can vary. Height differences aside, in many cases, bar stools are so much more convenient than your average chair. For starters, many bar stools swivel, making it easy to pivot during a conversation. For those that prefer a more grounded sitting experience, there are many stationary options as well. Secondly, bar stool heights are often adjustable, so they can work with a variety of countertop and table heights, as well as people’s heights (think children). The adjustable height makes them perfect for unusually high countertops, islands, nooks, worktops, and of course their namesake, bars. They can also easily be moved from place to place without having to worry that they’ll fit. Finally, with backless stools, there is the functional convenience of being able to slide them underneath tables and counters, freeing up extra space.  

What kind of spaces are designer bar stools suited for?

Bar stools are a design element in your home that is versatile enough to suit a variety of decor styles and serve as a staple in many different rooms. Slide them up next to a bar, cocktail table, or high top kitchen counter or island, or, put them to work in a workshop or vanity table. Versatile as can be, no matter where they go, they can be as elegant or casual as your decor preferences go.

What are some common types of antique bar stools?

When it comes to bar stools, the styles really run the gamut. Both antique and designer bar stools come in a plethora of materials, shapes, styles, and sizes.

Common materials for designer bar stools include wood, metal, chrome, glass, plastic, leather, lucite, and of course, varying combinations of the aforementioned. Another popular option is to combine a solid base with some sort of upholstery, be it leather, velvet, or suede.

Bar stools can be broken down into so many different categories. Firstly, it’s important to distinguish a bar stool from it’s shorter relative, the counter stool. While both are very similar, bar stools are higher with taller legs. Make sure to measure the counter or table height prior to bar stool shopping to ensure that they match the surface where they’re being stationed. Browse a variety of vintage tables to get some idea of height options.

The most basic types of designer bar stools are: adjustable, swivel, stationary, backless, low back, high back, pedestal and leg-base stools. These can of course be broken down into even more categories, but the aforementioned group are the defining characteristics.  Do you want a stool that can adjust to different heights? Is it important that the stool that has solid back support? Do you want the added comfort of a footrest? Is it ideal that the stool can pivot around to face different directions? Do you want a stool with four legs, or a single pedestal? These are the type of questions you should answer before picking a stool.

Different Styles of Antique Bar Stools

With designer bar stools becoming more and more popular, there are all sorts of engaging bar stool styles cropping up. Here are some of our favorites:

Rustic Bar Stools

Picture quaint, hand-crafted antique stools made of reclaimed or exposed wood. Cherry, pine, oak, walnut are popular options. Other takes on the rustic vibe include wicker, and of course upholstery including leather.

Industrial Bar Stools

Remember those backless stools you sat on in art class or workshop? Those definitely fall in this category. Whether it be the classic grey metal of your childhood, or a bold orange or electric blue, these stools are supremely durable and will add an inherent sense of cool to any space.

Modern Bar Stools

The sleek, simple lines of modern bar stools means these pieces can be found in some seriously upscale spots. Think shiny plastics or the cool, transparent look of glass. Funky prints and posh upholstery.


Antique bar stools are a huge category in itself that encompasses all of the styles above, as well as many others. Some antique bar stools are like sculptures - with unique, artistic silhouettes. With antique, high-end bar stools, you’ll often see a lot of creativity in the shape of the bar stool, whether it’s unusual lines with the legs, sumptuous curves, sleek lines, dramatically-high backs, or unique upholstery.

No matter what kind of antique or designer bar stool you’ll pick, we can guarantee they’ll be a perfect accent to your space. And once you’ve got a table (or countertop) with coordinating bar stools covered, pull the whole look together with antique tableware and barware.