Membership benefits

  1. Trade-only
    net pricing
    up to 30% off

  2. Hold requests

  3. Benefits also
    apply to Chairish
    Trade Program

  4. Live, North American
    based support 7 days
    a week


Peer-vetted Dealers, Exceptional Curation, Intuitive Features, Hands-on Support

  1. Expertly vetted professional selling community

  2. Simple search & filtering tools

  3. Proprietary "View in Your Space" visualization app technology to aid
    client approvals

  4. Unfettered, open communication with network of luxury dealers

  5. No commissions taken, resulting in fair and honest prices

As a DECASO Trade Member, you'll automatically be enrolled in the trade membership program for Chairish, our sister ecommerce site. Learn More.

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