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Floor Lamps

Complement your beloved reading chair with the soft glow of a designer floor lamp. Light up the whole room with a torchiere or select a directional shade with more versatility.

How to Give Your Home a Special Feel with Antique Floor Lamps

Antique floor lamps are a divine addition to any space. They can turn the simplest of room into a head turner. Whether you prefer classic mid-century floor lamps or aged fixtures, you can effortlessly infuse a room with period appeal. But, don’t make the mistake of falling for aesthetics first, you need to consider functionality, too.

Why Choose Antique Floor Lamps?

More people are opting for exquisite designer floor lamps for their home. Most of the fabulous turn-of-the-century lamps are made from brass, heavy metals, cast iron, cast zinc, and steel and sometimes they were combined with onyx, marble, stone, and glass. These pieces have been made to last, and with such a variety available, there is sure to be a perfect lamp to complement your current décor. Antique floor lamps were designed with painted finished, fabric shades, and electrical components of superior quality, rendering them better value than their modern counterparts.

Beauty and high quality were impactful influences on lighting makers of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Many buyers admire their exquisite quality and divine beauty, while appreciating their technical and functional characteristics, making them a good choice for just about any room in the home.

common types of designer floor lamps

If you are an avid reader and have already created a reading corner in your house, designer floor lamps will make the perfect addition. One of the best reading floor lamps—the Bridge Lamp—was designed around 1920, and while many manufacturers have tried to imitate it, it remains unchanged. The Bridge Lamp, or Bridge Arm Floor Lamp as it is sometimes known, boasts a typical floor lamp design complete with an upright standard and metal base. The upright standard can feature either decorative tubing or twisted iron rods. The decorative cast metal arm typically has a graceful curvature that ends with a downwards-pointing electrical socket that is covered by a glass or fabric shade. The effect offsets the light a few inches from the upright standard, while simultaneously lowering the light so that it is closer to your reading material.

Reflector floor lamps are the brightest antique floor lamps you can purchase. They were also designed and manufactured circa 1920 and they are found to be highly versatile. These lamps have been made to outlast most modern varieties. The design starts with a hefty base made of metal. The base may be decorated with upright tubing that leads all the way up to a central electrical socket, which is typically surrounded by arm lights. The central light takes a 3-way bulb that offers low, medium, and high lighting effects. These lamps also have a smaller light under the base for subtle mood lighting.

Antique floor lamps offer a variety of different functions, from mood lighting to reading light, desk lighting, and subtle illumination.

Factors to Consider

Antique floor lamps have three main features. Firstly, they are made with a long stem that is thin and lightweight. Most lamps are made of metal such as chrome, iron, or brass, and the shade of the lamp directs light from the bulb either upwards, downwards, or at different angles.

When buying a floor lamp, you need to consider what you will be using it for and where you will place it. How you plan on using it in a room, whether it is to light the entire room or a certain area, will have an impact on your buying decision. Reflector and Torchiere floor lamps tend to direct light upwards, which is ideal for illuminating a whole room. However, bridge arm lamps are perfect for directing light at different areas, be it at a desk, a reading chair, or even to showcase a piece of artwork. Style is another consideration, as there is a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from.

Looking After your antique Lamp

Since the majority of floor lamps feature metal construction, they may be prone to rust. You can remove dust with a brush and then coat the surface of the metal with a lubricating oil before wiping clean with a cloth. You can also polish each part of the lamp with a cloth that has been dipped with lubricating oil to protect the iron and prevent the likelihood of rust. If your floor lamp is made from brass, a brass polish mixed with a few drops of ammonia can be created and the paste then applied using a soft cloth. You can then wash the surface with a damp cloth and dry it off with a dry cloth.

Accessories for an Antique Floor Lamp

There are a range of accessories that complete a designer floor lamp, including different styles and colors of lamp shades, bulbs, lamp finials, decorative chain or pull cord, and even a lamp socket. Floor lamps are versatile enough that you can personalize them to fit in with your existing décor or create a standalone talking point in a room.

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