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Cocktail & Coffee Tables

As the centerpiece of any well-designed space, the ambiance of a room depends on the right designer coffee table. Select your ideal piece from our large collection of coffee tables.

Decorating with Antique Coffee Tables

Your living or sitting room is where your guests get together to enjoy a cocktail, good conversation, and maybe a drink or two. If you consider your living room the center of your home, it makes sense that you would take time to decorate it in a way that matches your style, as well as a room that’s functional and inviting. Creating a room that highlights your design ideas, and is comfortable for all sized gatherings is important—as well as creating a space that you can live in comfortably.

All living or sitting rooms center around one point, be it a designer sofa, a beautiful piece of art, or—if you’re lucky—an antique coffee table. Antique coffee tables bring class and elegance to your living room, without being over-the-top. Here are our top tips for decorating with an antique coffee table.

Know Your Style

The perfect antique coffee table for your room is one that fits with your existing furniture. A typical rule of thumb is that an antique coffee table measure no more than one or two inches above or below the height of the seat of your sofa, loveseat, or chairs. Choosing a piece that’s too different in height gives you an uneven or awkward place to set drinks, food, or books. For convenience, it’s best to stay within that roughly four-inch range.

Decide what the primary function of your antique coffee table will be. Are you seeking out added storage? If so, look for pieces that feature built in drawers, shelving, or large surface areas to place books, coasters, or baskets. If you’re planning to entertain more than utilize the space personally, look for pieces that are oversized and provide a wide area to stage food, drinks, or games.

If you’re looking for a space to store toys, remotes, or extra blankets and pillows, opt for an antique coffee table that boasts hide-away storage options, like a deep drawer, or something with a built-in chest. Don’t gravitate to the first piece you see that would fit well within your home—coffee tables are one part style to one part function.

Shape Makes a Difference


A square antique coffee table fits well in a smaller space. If you’re looking to increase the character in your room without sacrificing too much floor space or being awkward. Seek out pieces that have enough length and width to comfortably sit around—don’t utilize a piece that’s too small just to save on floor space.


A rectangle coffee table is a happy coupling of space-saving shape and increased functionality. Often used in rooms that are longer than they are wide, a sturdy, rectangle, antique coffee table is perfect for larger gatherings, families with children, or couples that like to host events like wine tasting or game night.


Similar to a rectangle, an oval antique coffee table boasts the same surface area and functionality without the sharp corners. The rounded edges pair well with more Art Deco styles than structured pieces.


Perfect circles lend themselves to multiple seating arrangements. If you have an open floor plan and want to set up several seating areas, circular antique coffee tables bring each sitting space together without adding bulk or making the individual spaces too broad.


Typically a mix of styles (say a rounded edge on one side and squared on the other) abstract coffee tables are ideal for larger spaces, where the piece has room to stand alone and be the center of attention. These pieces aren’t for the faint of heart and certainly bring a level of uniqueness not found in traditional shapes.

The Devil is in the Details

Complementing your current style with an antique or designer coffee table is easy—look for details in your current pieces that you’d like to bring out or highlight. Whether it’s a color in a work of art or antique rug, the graceful shape of a sofa or lamp, or the architectural details in another table, you’re guaranteed to find a similar style in an designer coffee table.

Seek out a solid wood piece if you’re looking to add a grounding factor to a romantic or breezy room. Mixing and matching styles ensures that each piece is highlighted in its own regard while remaining cohesive in the style of the room. If you’re looking to accent an antique rug, opt for a glass and metal designer coffee table that allows the design of the rug to (quite literally) show through. For rooms that need a touch of shine, find a metal or gilded designer coffee table that brings some light, warmth, and style to the room.

Decorate with DECASO

Finding the perfect piece for your room can be exhausting. Often, shoppers spend incredible amounts of time and money finding the perfect antique or designer coffee table before ever buying it. At DECASO, we want to make curating your home as easy as possible. We source our products from all over the world and showcase all the pieces we’ve found online, where you can find every piece your heart desires.