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We've curated the finest collection of designer fine art from the most renowned artists throughout history. See for yourself and shop our exquisite selection of sculpture, paintings, drawings, and more.

Decorating your home with Fine Art

There’s nothing quite like fine art to infuse a space with character and style. Dressing up empty walls and tables with antique art can be a unique expression of your personality and sets the tone for the rest of your home.

While all sorts of high-end and affordable art is readily available online and in stores these days, there is something inexplicably special about owning a unique piece of antique art. Antique art is rich in history and each piece is like an heirloom with its own story to tell.

Different styles of Decorative Fine Art

When it comes to fine art, there is seemingly an endless array of styles and pieces. Whether you’re a seasoned art curator or a first-time purchaser, it can be helpful to break down fine art into some of its stylistic categories.

Collage Art

Collage art uses mixed media to create dynamic, playful, and unique art pieces. It encapsulates artwork that is assembled from a variety of different layers, materials, or components, all working together to create one beautiful piece. The inspiring thing about collage art is that there are no rules. Any material is fair game, whether it be glass, paint, colored pencil, plastic, photographs, velvet, tape, markers, metals, or minerals. The possibilities are endless.


Drawing is an art form for the ages. Whether they’re monochrome charcoal sketches or vibrantly-colored illustrations, incredibly detailed or abstract, there is something intimately raw and beautiful about drawings. Drawings are often hand crafted from charcoal, pen, ink, or colored pencil.

Sculpture & Installations

The 3D world of sculptures is a staple of antique art. Usually better suited for tabletops and floors, hand crafted sculptures can vary greatly in size, medium and subject, and often serve as evocative, statement pieces. Often location-specific and three-dimensional, art installations are created to have an impact and make a commentary on the perception of a space.


The quintessential medium of classic art, paintings are beautiful fine art pieces that bring rooms to life with their colorful, masterful brush strokes and textures.


The art of photography can be beautiful snapshots of everyday life, or surreal compositions. Whether in full color, dramatically black and white, vintage sepia tones, abstract, landscape, or portrait, photographs bring unique personality and character to any room.  

Choosing Antique Art for Your Home

The above categories are just a sampling of all of the different types of high end antique art. Unless you have a penchant for a particular media, we recommend perusing them all until you find a piece that you truly love. When it comes to antique art, keep checking your favorite buyers and antique marketplaces for “new” pieces that may come in. Art is revolving world where pieces are often circulating from owner to owner, so it’s wise to keep your eye out for fresh arrivals. Curating your own gallery of fine art can be a gradual process that requires time and constantly being on the hunt. You never know when it will be love at first sight.  

The art of displaying fine art

Mix and match styles for an eclectic look. If you have multiple pieces, a gallery wall can be the way to go. Combine mediums such a paint, drawing, collage and sculpture, and hang them close enough together that they create an obvious grouping.  This especially works well if they all tie together with a common element such as color, subject matter, texture or artist. Mixing frame styles is another way to create a unique, vintage look. You can also mix art with mirrors and other decor accents.

The other option is to find a statement, standalone piece that deserves the spotlight all to itself. Allocate an entire wall to your inspiration piece and decide on the best lighting arrangement to showcase the piece. If it’s a particularly intricate, colorful piece, we recommend surrounding it with neutral, subdued furniture that doesn’t take attention away from the art.  

Displaying art can be an art in itself, and there are several key things to consider when doing so.

  • Make sure that the piece is hanging at a general eye-level height. This allows the work to be observed most naturally and easily.

  • Pair it with other decor in the room. The warm hues in an artwork can compliment the gold undertones in your couch, or warm wood of the coffee table. Though it is by no means necessary to have art perfectly match your decor, it does look more cohesive when the decor supports the art. Repeating colors, lines, shapes is one way to do this.

  • And most importantly, only buy art that you love. Don’t worry so much about matching it to your decor or walls, but really go with your instincts and buy art that you will love looking at every day.