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Nothing transforms an ordinary bedroom into a master retreat quite like a headboard. Browse our selection of designer headboards hand-picked for the most discerning tastes.

Headboards: The Focal Point of your Bedroom

Your bed is your haven, so by all means, treat it like one and outfit it with a luxurious designer headboard. Crown your bed with designer headboards made of the most luscious materials the world has to offer, including polished woods, hand-rubbed brasses, and even, on occasion, acrylic or Lucite. With finishes like these, there's no denying you'll be sleeping pretty.

Yet picking a designer or antique headboard is no easy task. There's quite a bit to consider, including shape, size, and all that business about the mounting. An why opt for an antique headboard rather than a bedframe, which offers up a headboard and frame in one neat package? Yes, it can all be a bit intimidating, but we'll walk you through the basics, including our best designer secrets and tricks of the trade.

Material Choices

Antique headboards are fashioned out of many different materials. Some common choices are metals, such as brass, iron, steel and aluminum. If you prefer wood, look for headboards in rich finishes like mahogany, walnut, oak, or even rattan and wicker (the later will be delightfully lightweight). And if upholstery is your preference? Well, the world is your oyster.

A comfortable and versatile option, upholstery allows you to personalize a designer headboard to your exact tastes and whims. Silks and velvets in rich bold colors create a luxurious, opulent look, while prints create a more playful or retro vibe. Fabrics like microsuede, cotton, and leather are also durable options that can survive the test of time without succumbing to discoloration or damage. Beyond textile choices, thoughtful details like tufts or nailhead trim will add texture and style to upholstered headboards.

Shapes to consider

There are many shapes and styles of designer headboards. For starters, there is the flat top headboard. Essentially a rectangle, the flat top headboard can have curved or straight corners. Variations on this style include winged panels which protrude from the sides of the headboard and encase sleepers in a cocoon-like space. Other common spins on this design include spindle posts, or headboards that assume shapes other than a rectangle, including arches or scallops.

If a standard headboard seems a bit passé, try refashioning an unexpected item as a headboard. Among our favorite items to tap for a headboard? Antique doors. Whether you opt for an Indian door with intricate wood fretwork or a paint-peeling barn door, the overall effect will be dramatic and not the least bit expected.

How to choose the best designer headboard for your bed

One important element to consider is the height and width of the headboard. You’ll need to decide if you’d like it to be low to leave wall space for art or windows, or tall and dramatic. Sometimes headboards with a lower profile are masked by pillows, so be sure to pay mind to your desired bedding aesthetic prior to purchasing a designer headboard. Average heights for low headboards are 48 inches, while anything 55 inches and up provides more length for propping up against or just creating a dramatic look. Width is also important to consider, particularly in spaces that are smaller.

If your bed is in front of a window and you’d like to make sure the headboard is not blocking any light coming in, a good option is wrought iron or wood headboard that is not a solid block of material. Spindle, embellished and slatted headboards provide plenty of space for light to get in.

When incorporating a headboard into your bedroom decor, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to attach the headboard to the bed, or mount it on the wall. Mounting it to the wall allows you more flexibility in terms of customizing and changing things down the line and also can help save space. An attached headboard can be more secure, and prevent the bed sliding away from the headboard, keeping pillows and linens in place.

Finally, unless you have your heart set on a particular headboard, we’d recommend choosing a bed you love first, and then finding a beautiful designer headboard to compliment it.

Reasons to splurge on an antique headboard

Headboards are perfect for leaning up against while reading, working or sitting up in bed. They also help keep pillows in place. You can also choose a headboard that has the added benefit of storage. Plus, with a headboard, you have the freedom to position your bed anywhere in the room (as opposed to having to slide it up against a wall for support).

By choosing your bedframe and headboard separately, you get to fully customize the look of your bedroom and get creative. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating some really unique combinations that are entirely your own. Plus, you can choose a headboard that fits the exact width and height specifications of your bedroom. And the best part? You can always change things up down the line.