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Dining Chairs

Elevate your dining experience with a set of antique and designer dining chairs. Offered in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, the design possibilities are truly endless.

Discover the Luxury of Antique Dining Chairs

Whether you want to add a classic item or a statement piece to your eating space, antique dining chairs can bring an extra touch of style and charm to your dining room. Antique dining chairs are available in a wide range of designs and styles that span a variety of historical periods. When choosing designer dining room chairs to pair with your dining table, it is important to consider the quality and condition of the piece or set, along with the chairs' size, age, style, and manufacturer. This helps to narrow down your choices and ensure that you find the perfect antique dining chairs.

A Buyer’s Guide to Antique Dining Chairs

The first thing to think about when purchasing designer dining chairs is whether or not you find them comfortable. Some chairs can be too small for modern bodies and others may be uncomfortable, catching the wrong section of your back.

The next thing to consider is the construction elements of the dining chair. This means checking to ensure that nothing is broken or has been replaced with unoriginal parts. Just as with any antique piece, a good patination and color will show that the antique dining chair is in good condition. You will usually spot damage, if there is any, at the joints or near the bottom of the legs. When you put two or more antique dining chairs together, the grain of the wood should be similar throughout. Also, the weight of each dining chair chair should be the same.

How to Tell What Period Your Antique Dining Chairs are From

Eighteenth century style dining chairs made a comeback in the late nineteenth century, so it can be difficult to tell them apart. The easiest way to differentiate between the periods is to look closely at the construction details. Eighteenth century dining chairs’ splats run from the top rail into a shoe which is usually an isolated piece of wood. However, nineteenth century chairs’ splats and shoes were made out of a single piece of wood.

The mid to late 18th century dining chairs were also strengthened by corner brackets across the rails of the seat. However, in the 19th century they made use of solid blocks that were either screwed or glued into the rails.

Different Styles of Antique Dining Chairs

Antique dining room chairs capture a sense of tradition and history, and bring style into any dining room. People enjoy collecting luxury statement pieces or classic collector’s items for their historical significance, craftsmanship, unique designs, and the tendency for antiques to increase in value over time. It’s worth noting that “vintage” and “antique” are not necessarily terms that are interchangeable. The timeframe considered “antique” differs from one collector to another, but is typically considered to be a century or older.

Antique dining chairs are available in many styles and each period in history is sought for certain designers and forms. Below is a list of some of the most popular styles of designer dining room chairs.

Queen Anne Chairs

Queen Anne dining chairs were made with walnut veneers in lavish styles complete with cabriole legs and curved, slender lines.

Tudor Chairs

Often made of oak, these antique dining chairs boast intricate carvings and usually have inlays that are made of valuable materials. The legs have knobs on the bottom, top, and middle.

Chippendale Chairs

Chippendale dining chairs were commonly designed with Virginia red walnut and mahogany materials with carved patterns and cabriole legs. The intricate backs are sometimes shaped like Cupid’s bow and the chairs have ball and claw feet.

Georgian Chairs

Georgian dining chairs are more conservative in style and don’t usually have carvings. They are commonly manufactured with mahogany and oak materials and have square-tapered or turned legs.

Hepplewhite Chairs

Also with straight legs and no carvings, Hepplewhite dining chairs are made with mahogany materials and the backs feature shield or heart shapes. These designer dining chairs are well-balanced, curvilinear, and slender, making for an elegant addition.

Regency Chairs

Regency dining chairs are commonly created using zebrawood, rosewood, and mahogany materials and are created in neoclassical styles with Roman and Greek influences. These antique dining chairs are also elegant and slender, with saber legs and lion paw feet. Sheraton Chairs. Graceful in style and boasting delicate decorations and patterns, Sheraton chairs are designed with satinwood, tigerwood, rosewood, and tulipwood materials and have tapered and turned legs.

Find the Right Antique Dining Chairs at DECASO

DECASO sources our antique dining chairs from around the globe to bring you the best in quality and craftsmanship. Our online showroom showcases our top-of-the-range products in a variety of styles and from different centuries. If you are looking for antique items for your dining room, take a look at our showroom for inspiration. If you have something in mind that we do not stock, contact our sellers and they will be more than happy to help you find it.