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Forged from fine woods coveted throughout the ages and boasting once in a lifetime craftsmanship, there is nothing more prestigious than owning an authentic antique or designer table.

Decorating with Antique Tables

If you’re looking for the best way to highlight your personal style and bring some instant high-end character to your kitchen or dining room, look for an antique table. These designer pieces come in every shape, height, and style that you can imagine without relegating your home to an “off the shelf” look. Antique tables are an excellent way to enhance your home’s current look--you can either match your current style or throw in a complementary piece to invigorate your home’s feel. Here is our take on how to decorate with a vintage designer table.

The Devil’s in the Details

After you’ve found the perfect vintage piece, it’s time to start thinking about the surrounding pieces. Are you hoping to put your new table in the dining room? Then steer clear of antique rugs which can be ruined by falling food or drink. If you’re looking to highlight the antique feel, add some mismatched dining chairs--seek out a few Shaker style and some more ornate styles to have an effortlessly cool look.

Beyond your chairs, there’s some refreshing additions you can look to for added storage and character. A vintage buffet table, if you have the room, can bring some much-needed storage space and counter room for staging meals or just showcasing art and fresh flowers.

If you’re adding an antique table to your oversized kitchen, your options are almost limitless--add vintage cabinets or mirrors along one wall, or opt for a more relaxed antique textile carefully hung above the head of the table.

If you’re planning to go all out, seek out antique table cloths, napkins, or placemats to finish your table settings. Or highlight the exquisite piece with understated modern linens and crisp serving ware.

Shed Some Light on the Situation

Lights are a great and easy way to add some opposite style to whatever you have in your home currently. Setting some modern side lamps on either end of a hallway antique table offsets the character of the table enough to let it shine through, not overwhelm the room.

If the piece you fall in love with have some distinct and thoughtful details, bring them to the forefront of your room with some gallery lighting. Track lights come in a variety of styles and can be angled to the perfect degree, ensuring that your new-to-you designer table isn’t cast in unflattering shadows that mask its character.

For a truly eclectic vibe, find a tall floor lamp that highlights the uniqueness of your table and set the two together. Counter a retro antique table with a crane-necked lamp that arches over the table top, or let a curvy lamp offset a more structured table; there are no wrong answers when it comes to curating your home.

Using Tables in Unusual Ways

Maybe you love your dining room table, or haven’t seen the need to replace it just yet, but you’re still on the hunt for a piece to accent your current style? Look at places you tend to gather naturally, like the living room, a front hallway, or an office, and add a high-end piece there.

Hallways lend themselves to antique buffets and sofa tables. Any piece that’s long and narrow offers some necessary storage space without taking up too much precious square footage. An instant classic for hallways is a refined antique table overflowing with fresh plants. Botanicals in the home are good for you--take a deep breath every time you walk by (and to ward off water damage to your furniture, maybe slip a coaster between pot and table top). Adding live greenery brings a lushness that can’t be replicated with art, textiles, or a bowl stacked with mail.

If you find yourself standing in your home office as much as you’re sitting, seek out an antique engineer’s table or desk. These pieces are elevated, help with posture, and keep your pens and pencils safe. They’re relatively easy to find and look good with every design style. Adding one to your office is an easy move if you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path.

Fall in Love with Antique Tables

Whether you’ve already filled your home with beautiful, curated furniture, or you’re just dipping your toes in vintage furniture, a designer table is a great step forward. They combine function with character and beauty, making it a piece you’ll not only admire, but use day-to-day. Filling your home with furniture that highlights your creative design style and allows the pieces to shine ensure you’ll have rooms that you’ll love for years, not just a season.

Finding pieces that go with your new-to-you table is also rewarding and at DECASO, we want to help you fill your home with furniture you’ll use and love for years to come. The perfect pieces can be hard to find and even harder to secure--we take the frustration out of buying antique, designer furniture by offering our collection and showroom online. We know that you’ll find the best piece for your home, and we’re always eager to help you find something specific.