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Side Tables

With their whimsical and often abstract forms forged from a plethora of materials, designer side tables can be subtle accents to existing centerpieces or bold style proclamations on their own.

What You Need to Know About Choosing an Antique Side Table

Antique side tables are not an item to be put on the sidelines. Instead of mass-produced, characterless side tables, an antique side table boasts craftsmanship and history. Antique side tables generally date to the 19th and early 20th century and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including practical end tables, guerdons, and accent tables. No matter what kind of side table you pick, and whether you place it in the lounge with an antique table lamp or next to a retro armchair, your antique side table will serve as a timelessly elegant addition to your interior.

The most common antique side table is typically made from mahogany or wood, but these pieces can be found in a range of other types of wood, too. They also come in an array of materials, price, and styles. Less common materials for antique side tables include glass and stone.

Designer Side Tables & Details

Many antique side tables were painted or inlaid, and were generally adorned with a bit more detail than larger varieties of tables. These tables are an excellent way to bring antique furnishings into your home and create a focal point. Add an antique lamp to your side table to give any room an authentic period feel, or do as many homeowners do and use an antique side table as a bedside table. These are functional tables perfect for holding items such as glasses, a clock, a lamp, and even books.

There are five main ways to construct side tables, each featuring four legs and a table top. The main difference is the number of drawers. An antique side table without drawers has four legs and a flat top. There are also those that feature one drawer below the tabletop and have side panels, and those that have a single-column drawer, which is several drawers stacked on top of one another in a column form. There are also side tables with a door and single drawer, referred to as cabinet side tables, and those that feature two columns of drawers where each column has three drawers.

Buying an Antique Side Table

If you are looking for the perfect side table, consider the intended room’s style. If the room is already decorated with items from a specific period, you should aim to find side tables from the same period. Antique tables come in an array of colors, designs, and sizes. Some have one drawer and others have stacked drawers. Woods can be dark or light, and the table may feature knobs, handles, and molding. Decide what will look best with your current furniture. One more factor to consider is the condition of the item. Check for any signs of damage such as chips, scratches, loose drawers, and loose legs.

Designer Side Tables Through the Centuries

Designer side tables can be traced back to the 1700s and were massive with heavy carvings. The tables from the 18th century and early 19th century were more elegant and slender with less carvings other than on the curving legs. Victorian tables are similar to pre-1700 items whereas 20th century pieces are more architectural in their shape.

Popular Designer Side Table Styles

There are several kinds of decorative side tables in the antique range. Below, some of the most common antique side table styles are outlined.

Louis XII – XVI Side Tables

Furniture that was produced during Louis XIII’s time boasted ebony and spiral turning whereas the time of Louis XIV was known for curved lines and rounded forms. During Louis XV’s reign, furniture became more stylized and was decorated with bronze mounts. Tables created during the reign of Louis XVI was simpler with fluted legs and straight lines.

Victorian Side Tables

Side tables from the Victorian era boast decorative carvings and deeply curving lines. Rosewood and mahogany were the most popular materials during that time.

Chippendale Side Tables

Chippendale tables can be identified by their ball-and-claw feet and cabriole legs.

French Provincial Side Tables

Side tables that were designed in France’s provincial areas have a telltale style. The legs are curved with an ornamental foot and the features later became popular in Britain, particularly in the Queen Ann style of furnishings.

Mid-Century Modern Tables

A designer side table from this period was designed roughly between the 1940s and 1970s and is identifiable by its simplicity and clean lines. Natural and plain wood colors were used, as were plastic and metal materials.

Top Quality Antiques Side Tables from DECASO

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