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Original designer prints, lithographs, and etchings are vibrant works of art compared to their manufactured reproductions. Shop our collection of prints from artists like Andy Warhol, LeRoy Neiman, and Richard Anuszkiewicz.

Make a design statement with fine art prints

There are few decor choices that are as reflective of a home's inhabitants as their art. While couches, chairs, and tables are mandatory staples of a functional home, art is a standalone design element. Something that exists purely for the purpose of decoration, expression, and indulgence.

When it comes to fine art prints for your space, it is essential to choose pieces that you absolutely love. Art that evokes feelings, sparks conversations, incites curiosity and reflection, pieces that you love more and more every time you glance at them.

Antique prints are a truly unique form of decor. When purchasing antique prints,in many cases you’ll have a rare, sometimes even one-of-a-kind piece that can’t be found anywhere else.  A carefully-curated collection of fine art prints can set the tone for any home.

There are so many different fine art prints to choose from that it can be overwhelming. To help, we’re going to break up art by categories to help you choose what pieces will work best for your home.

Types of fine art prints

When it comes to fine art prints, it’s a beautiful world of options!  Various ways to sort them include by artist, style of art, subject matter, etc.

Popular styles of art featured in fine art prints include:

Pop Art by renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring.

Lithographs from masters like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, among others.

Abstract works by artists such as Camille Bryen, Alexander Calden, Ernest Trova and Anne Raymond.

Still life and animal prints, featuring birds,  plants, flowers, and other natural wonders.

And all of the aforementioned are just a small sampling, there are many many more styles and types of fine art prints.

Why choose antique prints?

There are many reasons to curate a collection of antique prints. Firstly, you’ll have a rare piece of art that you’ll seldom find anywhere else. In today’s age of widespread digital art, this is something truly unique. Whether an antique art piece, original painting, or lithograph, these are exquisite treasures.

One popular type of antique print is a lithograph. This is an authorized reproduction of an original work by printing it from a smooth surface like stone or metal. These can be in even better shape than the original art piece and give you more affordable access to art from historically-renowned artists.

Another pleasurable aspect of hunting down antique prints is that it’s like owning a little piece of history. Most antique pieces will have their very own story to tell. Antique prints are often signed by the artist which gives them an authentic touch, and some have been wonderfully preserved from over a century ago.

The great thing about buying antique prints from reputable, credible sellers is that you don’t have to worry about verifying their authenticity. That has already been done on your behalf, so you can simply pick the pieces that you love and bring a piece of art history into your home.

Antique Prints - Not What You’d Expect

While the term “antique print” might evoke the image of a renaissance painting or pop art work, there are many unique pieces that fall under under the antique art umbrella. The likes of engravings of Shakespeare's plays, illustrations from vintage magazines, British indentures from the 1800’s, vintage magazine covers, antique advertisements, charts, color etchings by Pablo Picasso, architectural prints, and engravings, just to name a few. So there really is a piece for every taste and penchant across the map, whether a history, poetry, or geography buff, or simply a collector of quirky, unique things.

However, if antique prints are not quite your thing, you can always decorate your home with paintings , sculptures, or photographs.

Choosing Fine Art Prints for your Home

These are not hard and steadfast rules by any means, but more of a guide to help you sort through the options for fine art prints.

The first, last, and most important thing, is that you should love every piece of art you buy. It doesn’t matter what art critics say, or how renowned the artist is, or how old the work may be. At the end of the day, an antique print is going to be a piece of art that you walk by every day, so it should incite joy. Art is ultimately for you.

Explore your options. Go to galleries and flea markets, browse websites, even look at magazines for inspiration. There is lots of art out there. See what kind of art catches your eye and go from there.

After deciding on a work you love, find the perfect spot for it. Sometimes we go out looking for an art piece to fill an exact wall or space in our home, and sometimes we just happen upon a piece that we fall in love with at first sight, without knowing exactly what to do with it. In the latter instances, play around with hanging the art piece in different places until you find the perfect one.

No matter what kind of fine art print you choose, or where you choose to hang it, these exquisite decor pieces will bring both character and uniqueness to your space.