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Transform any room into a palace with a few well-placed designer mirrors from our exclusive collection of styles including antique, contemporary, Chippendale, Victorian, Chinoiserie, and much more.

Expand Your Home with an Antique Mirror

The key to making any room look larger is lighting, and a well-placed antique mirror. Antique and designer mirrors reflect light and expand your space, without taking up precious floor space or overtaking a space. The key to a beautiful mirrored addition to your room is one-part style and one-part art; adding any antique or designer mirror to your home needs to reflect your personal style, and needs to be hung in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Find Your Style

When it comes to finding the perfect antique mirror for your space, it’s all about complementing your style. Mix a gilded French mirror with modern furniture and see how instantly cool the ornate frame makes your room, or expand your room with long mirrors along one wall.

For many, the goal when seeking out curated antique mirrors is to perfectly blend them with your wall or your current furniture, but this can look dated and boring. By blending two complementary styles in one room or throughout your home, you’re adding easy style to your home and showcasing both the pieces and your designing prowess.

Pick the Best Room

When you’re picking out an antique mirror keep in mind that you’re not restricted to only two or three specific rooms in your home. Putting a designer mirror above your bed can instantly elevate your room. Anchor the rest of your room around your exquisite piece, without the room feeling overdone.

For a more eclectic look in the bathroom, mismatch several smaller antique mirrors along the wall above the sink or the opposite wall to increase the perceived size of the room. Mirrors with similar frames can give a more intentional look while curating several different styles adds more personality to the room.

Hallways and stairs lend themselves to long or wide mirrors that help fake beautiful architectural details. Search out antique mirrors with large, ornate, or structured frames in surprising colors or textures (a horsehair wrapped mirror is an interesting style element to add to any home).

Show Off

Bringing your antique mirror to the forefront of your home is easy--choose a well-lit wall without other art. Pulling your eye to the mirror is the first step in making it a focal point in your space--choose a wall that your eye naturally gravitates to. Painting the wall behind your designer mirror a neutral but still interesting color (like a soft blue or crisp green) ensures that your designer mirror really steals the show.

In a living room, opt for a wall opposite a window and mimic the details of the antique mirror (like a color or texture) in one other piece in the room, like a light fixture or rug. Finding complementary accents in your room can bring the focus to your antique mirror without seeming too matchy or cluttered.

If you’ve opted for an opulent statement mirror, keep the rest of your room more understated. In a similar vein, if you’ve chosen an oversized or multiple mirrors, keep in mind how much visual fatigue they may impart. Keeping the rest of your room in a more muted color palette and modern-leaning lines ensures that the room stays interesting and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Know How to Hang

Antique and designer mirrors are like artwork--knowing where and how to hang them is half the battle. First, find the best attachment for hanging your mirror--some vintage pieces come with their original hardware, and some need an update or addition of new hangers. Locate a stud or install a drywall screw, and then turn your focus to the mirror. Measure the height of the piece and then find the vertical middle. Once it’s pin-pointed, find the length between the vertical middle and where the hanging wire reaches it’s max (if you’re working with a specific hang solution, like a sawtooth, measure from the vertical middle to the hanger). Measure up from the floor around fifty-seven inches--this is average eye height--then add to it the difference between the vertical center and the max hanging point. This point (fifty-seven inches plus the difference) is where you want to add a heft screw, or two if you’re mirror has parallel hangs. This keep the vertical center of your mirror at the average height.

That being said, rules are only made to be broken. Invest in several pieces and set them up to mimic a gallery wall, with the frames three to four inches apart and hung at different heights. Similar to actual artwork, many designer mirrors reflecting the room offer a new perspective on every other aspect of the area. Or rotate a mirror to give it new life--a long mirror rotated ninety degrees and hung either high or low in a room can be a surprising and beautiful change to the typical.

Invest in Your Pieces

Finding the perfect antique mirror for your space can be a rewarding challenge. The key is to seek out pieces that you love and that reflect your style--at DECASO, we know you’ll find the exquisite designer mirror you’re looking for to reflect a little light back into your home.