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Styling Your Home with Antique Oriental Rugs

Looking to add character to your home? Try an antique Oriental rug. Beautifully crafted, these home staples never go out of style and can provide a surprising versatility in all kinds of homes. Boasting thousands of styles thanks to a wide variety of color palettes, textile materials, sizes, and designs, an antique Oriental rug is guaranteed to complement your space. Whether you’re looking to accent a moody den or update a modern living room, an antique rug is a surprising (and soft) way to bring authenticity and style to your home.

Using Antique Rugs in Your Home

Balance out a vaulted ceiling and towering bookshelves in a home library with an opulent, plush antique rug. If you’re looking to add more antique pieces, opt for rugs with a neutral color palette and subtle design. Overwhelming a space with too many patterns or color palettes can cause a room to look cluttered, not curated.

A surprising place to add an antique rug is a large master bathroom. The soft touch brings a romantic feel to cold tile, while the patterns of Oriental rugs brings style and character to any neutral bathroom. Add a luxurious fainting couch or vanity to add more romance to the bathroom, or a sturdy teak bench to make the room more functional.

If you find an antique rug you love, complement the style of the rug with furniture, art, accessories, and paint. Blend both modern and vintage furniture—like a modern, low-back sofa and a pair of antique chairs—with accessories that highlight the beauty of the rug, like glass coffee and side tables. Find colors in the Oriental rug that you love, and seek out pieces in the same palette. The same goes for art—find oversized pieces in the same color family that highlight both the antique rug and your personal style. If you’re looking to bring the room together, pick a bright color out of your rug and paint your walls a matching color.

In large rooms, typically those with an open floor plan, you can add drama (and extra plush) by laying mismatched antique rugs on top of each other. First, lay down a large rug that spans the different living areas, then start separating different “spaces” by laying smaller antique rugs on top of it. Consider laying them at angles to maximize the obvious differences between the several rugs. Color schemes are important when mixing rugs—finding antique rugs with similar colors is an easy way to keep the room from looking too erratic.

Falling in love with a neutral rug (in both pattern and color) doesn’t mean that your room has to be dull. Placing a large, clean antique rug in your living room invites beautiful additions like gilded wood coffee tables, intricate chairs, and an interesting sofa—like a curved or oversized piece. Pull a neutral color from the rug (like white, grey, or beige) and paint your walls to match. Keeping the rest of the room neutral with pops of metallic color or accents means you can bring in more of your personal style with an oversized, bright, modern painting.

If you want to bring your antique rug front-and-center in your room, find an accent color and highlight in your room decor. A beautiful blue can be mimicked in furniture—bring in more plush, touchable fabrics like crushed velvet, wool, or satin, and a monochromatic pattern. Pulling in an art deco table in the same color ensures that the color-matching looks intentional. Complete the room with a more muted wall color and art that matches the theme and color of the room. Bring in fresh flowers that also match, and enjoy your styled room.

If you’re looking for theatrical touches and drama in your bedroom, pick a pink-hued antique rug and match it with satin, velvet, and silk furniture, soft white bedding, and beautiful blush, pink, and coral pillows, throws, lighting accents, and window decorations. Add a luxurious seating area with a tufted white sofa and antique velvet chairs. Bring in fresh pink roses in lovely vintage vases and enjoy a wildly indulgent and romantic boudoir.

If you’re not afraid of drama, create a room full of bold colors and opposing patterns by bringing in a busy antique rug that covers your floor wall-to-wall. Paint the walls a bold color, like mustard yellow, red, or deep blue, to complete the room's staging. Add a patterned or dark side table flanked by vintage striped lounging chairs and architecturally-interesting accessories. The intensity of a room so full of character fits particularly well with Art Deco designs, if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Find Your Antique Rug with DECASO

Antique rugs are a beautiful way to add grace and style to your home without overshadowing the other pieces in your home. At DECASO, we want to help you find the antique rugs that complete your home. Our pieces are sourced from all over the world. If you can’t find the piece you’re looking for among our our current offerings, our sellers will be more than happy to help you find the antique rug you’re looking for.