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Dining Tables

Designer dining tables are the canvases for gourmet home-made meals everywhere. We offer an extensive catalog of authentic antique dining tables fit for the farmhouse or the White House.

Everything You Need to Know About an Antique Dining Table

A designer dining table is bound to be the talking point in your house. There are many types of antique dining table available to suit just about every style. Some tables are solid pieces of furniture, while others are lighter and more portable. They can serve as functional tables or decorative pieces.

Different Kinds of Antique Dining Tables

There are several stand-out antique tables worth mentioning. Rectangular pieces are the most common type, with the table top being longer than it is wide. Rectangular tables are ideal for just about any dining room and can usually seat up to six people. Square dining tables are equal-sided and sit atop a pedestal or four legs. They can usually seat up to four people comfortably. Circular tables feature a circular top set atop a pedestal or four legs. These tables are perfect for smaller spaces such as eat-in kitchens or dining nooks. Long antique dining tables are longer than rectangular varieties and usually boast several pedestals. In addition, they are able to seat a larger number of diners, making it a good choice for use as an outdoor table or for a larger dining hall.

An extended-leaf table features a section of the table top that you can remove when not in use. When you have unexpected guests, just replace the section to make room for more people. Drop-leaf pieces have a portion of the table top that you can fold down to save space when the table is not in use, making it a good buy for smaller dining rooms. You can place the folded sided against a wall for further space saving. A tilt-top table has a table top that you can turn sideways. These tables are usually circular in shape and can be pushed up against a wall when tilted to save space.

How to care for an Antique Dining Table

Just like antique sofas and chairs, antique dining tables need to be maintained. The main concerns include the accumulation of dust, and damage from sunlight and water marks. You can wipe the surface using a soft cloth to remove any dust and then use furniture polish to give the tabletop a protective coating.

Features to Consider When Looking for Antique Dining Tables

Whether you prefer cast iron or wood, simple or complex designs, here are a few features you may want to consider when shopping for an antique dining table.

Designer dining tables feature characteristics from a certain region or period, depending on where they were produced. A few of the more popular styles you will come across include Regency, Victorian, and Queen Anne.

Regency dining room tables boast simple, hand-carved details and clean lines. The most notable features include metal paw feet on the legs of the table. This style draws inspiration from Egyptian influences along with the neoclassical Georgian style. Chippendale tables are well-liked for their ball and claw feet and cabriole legs. Most of these tables are made from mahogany wood and boast carved edges and detailed joint moldings.

If you are a fan of the Victorian period, an antique dining table from this era offers beautifully carved leg details and is adopted from a variety of Gothic styles. Another popular antique dining table is the Queen Anne which features detailed cabriole legs and walnut wood, and it is a lighter and more portable style. Perfect for a farm-style kitchen, rustic tables show off a rugged character owing to the graining pattern. These tables are usually made with white pine that has been recycled from old barn timbers.

Factors to Consider

There are a few things you may want to consider when buying designer dining tables. For example, the décor of the room into which you wish to place the piece. The furniture style of the room is an important consideration when buying an antique dining table. Placing a table in a room that is made in a different style to the furniture you already have could clash, whereas something similar to the furniture you have will match well. If you have your heart set on a Queen Anne table, for instance, placing it in a room that is filled with rustic furniture is going to look out of place. However, if the dining table closely matches the style of your room, you will be able to incorporate it effortlessly.

Buyers should also consider the appearance of the table. Antique dining tables come in a wide variety of woods, shapes, sizes, and colors, and a larger table is not going to be suitable for a small dining space. Make sure you take measurements of your space so that you can match a table that will fit. Also, take a close look at the wood, shape, and carvings of the table so that you select an appealing table for your home.

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