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The quintessential staple for living and great rooms, designer sofas have been created by artists from every aesthetic. Find your match from our extensive collection of designer and antique sofas.

Upgrade Your Home with an Antique Sofa

Your living room is the most used room in your home and an antique sofa is the most exquisite way to add instant style. There’s nothing wrong with bringing home a new chair or sofa from the showroom, but you’ll be just another living room with the newest piece. Vintage sofas, on the other hand, are much harder to imitate, and the style that comes with owning and utilizing a vintage piece is impossible to replicate with newer furniture. Unique shapes, textiles, textures, and one-of-a-kind details make antique sofas a significant upgrade, full of history and character that instantly elevates your living room. Whether upholstery or sleek full-grain leather, the pieces at DECASO are sure to catch both your eye and your designing spirit.

Mix & Match

All antique furniture can be overwhelming for any room—offset the opulence of an antique sofa with clean and modern lines, colors, and textures. A leather scroll-arm sofa paired with a clean and cool marble-top table and fresh modern art can make your living room feel both curated and collected, not designed or forced.

If you’re looking at a more retro antique sofa, with modern-leaning lines, you can incorporate more vintage pieces without overwhelming the room. A clean sofa lends itself to more ornate accompaniments like rich throws, graphic pillows, or a plush vintage rug. Top the room off with stark walls and a wheeled bar cart for the perfect entertaining room.

For the minimalist, it’s still easy to incorporate the high-end look of designer sofas without looking cluttered by staying in one color family. Opt for something simple like an all-white palette, or something more intense like faded purple or crisp blue. Find vintage pieces that match your style in your color scheme and then paint your room accordingly. Pops of contrasting color will keep the room from looking too one-dimensional.

Shapes Make Waves

One of the best aspects of antique furniture is the eclectic lines and delightful details. Each piece is a testament to to both the aesthetic of its time and to the feeling it evokes in your home. Seeking out pieces that reflect your personal style ensures that you’ll be surrounded by works of art--curate your home, don’t decorate it. Finding similar shapes and curves in one piece that reflect in another is no simple task (and finding a coordinating color palette is a monumental task), but the result can be simply breathtaking.

A simple way to bring a room together is through matching materials; if you’re designer couch has blue and gold brocade, seek out an ottoman with similar color and textile—a gold velvet piece can elevate the room without looking forced. Similarly, a curved back or arm detail on your antique sofa can be reflected in vintage lamps with swelling curves, or through a curved pattern in a carpet or rug.

Look Beyond the Living Room

If you fall in love with a vintage piece, wouldn’t it make sense to bring it into the spaces you live and work in the most? Moving a compact antique sofa from a relegated back living room to your bedroom ensures that the pieces you’ve sought after and curated for your home are well-seen and well-loved. An antique sofa in your bedroom isn’t a new concept, but adding one can elevate your room in a heartbeat. Find a matching piece and offset it with crisp all-white bedding and modern lighting, or bring in an ornate fainting couch to your minimalistic bedroom.

If your bedroom is filled to the brim (perhaps you’ve already center-cased a sofa there?) and you’re looking to expand your antique reach to other rooms, a small designer sofa can look both decadent and decided when placed in a master bath. Transform your en-suite, and enjoy the luxury of relaxing on a designer sofa rather than the tub edge, while highlighting your personal style and the character of the piece. There’s nothing as romantic as a tufted fainting couch and thick throw pillows in somewhere as unexpected as a bathroom.

For the daring, there’s always the option of adding your antique sofa to a covered or open-air porch. Paired with a colorful rug and some sturdy side-tables, an antique sofa makes a punchy and thoughtful statement—after all, isn’t your porch where you spend most of your time once the weather warms up? Evoking a sense of personal style from indoors out is a big statement; you know exactly what pieces match and highlight each other without being overly fussy or cluttered.

Evoke Style

When choosing a designer sofa to add to your home, ensure that you’re selecting one that reflects your style, fits well in the space, and evokes both style and a sense of character. Working with pieces you don’t love isn’t going to give you the same feeling—why not pick the pieces you love the first time around, with DECASO, and know that you’re getting the very best quality, designer pieces the first time.