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Table Lamps

Oh, what a difference a designer table lamp can make. From ultra-modern geometric works of art to antique table lamps carved from stone, complete your look with the perfect piece.

Decorating with Antique Table Lamps

Whether you want to examine a rare stamp up close or curl up with a novel, antique table lamps make for stylish décor or iconic accent pieces to your home. Designer table lamps are simple, elegant, and artistically designed, as well as being collectible. You will find that whether the lamp is made out of wood or from blown-glass, it is bound to showcase intricate details, carved shapes, or vivid colors.

Add Light with Antique Table Lamps

Designer table lamps are an easy way to add light, warmth, and a stylish accent to any room. With so many sizes and shapes, finding the perfect addition for your home is easy. Antique table lamps are available in a wide variety of finishes, from chrome to bronze, iron, copper, and even gold. The finish you choose will depend on your décor and how to want to display the lamp in a room.

Antique table lamps are a versatile and convenient form of light that can be used for a range of tasks. Most commonly, they are used on a side table for reading purposes, ambient lighting, and general illumination.

Antique Lamps Through the Ages

Antique lamps span a wide spectrum, including well-known styles such as slag glass and Victorian. The earliest type of lamp was the oil lamp which was simplistic in design and nature and sported an absorbent wick. Oil lamps were mass-produced during the 19th century and manufacturers would make the metal base and burner, and purchase glass from other manufacturers.

During the early 1840s and 1900s, also known as the Victorian era, candelabras and oils lamps began to coexist with electric table lamps. It wasn’t until the end of the 1800s that lamps grew in popularity for their decorative features as well as their functionality. Decorative table lamps reached peak popularity during the first two decades of the 20th century, spurred by the success of Art Nouveau creators such as Handel and Tiffany. Tiffany and other creators designed ornate gilt-bronze and bronze lamp bases that would simulate tree trunks, plants, and floral and naturalistic art glass shades.

By the 1920s, many table lamp designers shifted towards Art Deco styles which were characterized by squared glass, angular lines, and paper shades. Deco figural lamps became popular for their stems that resembled people.

Accessorizing Your Décor with Designer Table Lamps

When pulling together decorative elements in a room in your home, we tend to think of furniture, textiles, and flooring first. While these serve as the foundation of a room, accessories like antique table lamps are just as important to consider.

A room that has not been properly accessorized is a room that feels sparse. Accessories like designer table lamps add warmth, scale, and texture to your space. Designer table lamps and complementary lamp shades can alter the appearance, scale, and ambience of a room. They add warmth and offer a lived-in feeling. A well-chosen antique table lamp will add lighting where it is needed, while also serving as a reflection of your personal style. The lamps can be classic, iconic, sculptural, bold, organic, vibrant, opulent, or serene. Well-chosen and well-placed antique table lamps can make a difference to how your space feels.

Where to Place Your Table Lamp

Well-placed antique table lamps can gently light up corners, soften shadows, and add a touch of intimacy to your room. Tasks like homework, sewing, and reading can also benefit from a well-placed lamp. Table lamps tend to be best when placed near seating areas, on sofa or side tables.

Finials for Lamps

Finials are a stylish way to top off antique table lamps. Finials can make their own statement as decorative accessories, and add a pulled together look to your table lamp. Finials serve to hold a lamp shade in place and attach directly to the harp of the lamp.

Popular Types of Table Lamps

The Astral Lamp

These kerosene lamps use Argand burner and cast a brilliant light thanks to their tall, circular height.

Slag Glass Panel Lamp

An electric table lamp with opaque colored glass shade and creamy streaks, these lamps are suitable as bedside table lamps and were most popular during the late 1800s.

Victorian Lamps

Victorian lamps boast ornate shades and bases and were manufactured with a solid construction.

Gone with the Wind Lamps

Also kerosene lamps, these have a matching glass font and shade and offer an essence of American Old South charm to any room. Rochester Lamps

Brass and glass oil lamps that were designed to move light downwards, which makes them a popular choice for students and desk workers.

Find Antique Table Lamps at DECASO

Our DECASO online showroom showcases a broad variety of antique table lamps that have been painstakingly created by master craftsmen. The lamps make for decorative talking points while serving to offer functional lighting. Most antique lamps can hold and increase their value as they age, making them a collector’s item. Take a look at our online showroom and if there is something you cannot find, contact one of our sellers, who will be more than delighted to assist you.