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DECASO offers exceptional Modern and antique furniture from the world’s top modernism and antiques dealers. Our rigorously curated collection lets you discover and source world-class furniture, art, rugs, lighting, and decor from around the world.

How to Style Your Home with Antique Furniture

In the last decade or so, decorating and designing with antique furniture has become not only accepted, but a sought-after aesthetic. Our society, which once veered obstinately into modern design and a more capitalist mindset, is finding comfort and sustainable style in the antique or vintage furniture. The draw of having unique pieces that reflect personal style is enough to draw out most buyers, and for many, curating the perfect sofa or table is addicting. Pulling from hundreds of years of style experience, antique furniture is a powerful and beautiful way to make a statement without saying a word.

For many buyers, seeking out antique furniture is three parts searching to one part bargaining—finding the perfect piece doesn’t come easily. But finding designer furniture isn’t a difficult task on DECASO—we’re here to help you curate the perfect pieces without wasting time or energy. We believe that homes should be collected, not decorated—each piece should connect to you or your life in some way—and we hope our thoughtfully curated, exquisite furniture speaks to you.

Mix & Match

The most boring thing you can do to your home is decorate it all in one style—being eclectic with your furniture selection ensures that your home has personality. Variety is the spice of life, and translating that into your home design is an easy way to highlight both personal style and a nod to function. Contrast the clean lines found in classic Scandinavian furniture and the opulence of a baroque chair. Keep in mind that every piece you add to your home will either complement or clash with your style—yin and yang is a delicate balance, especially in something as permanent as your home.

Another great way to use antique furniture pieces is to think outside of the (room) box. Moving a beautiful dresser into an oversized hallway brings some unexpected art and class. Pull a vintage fainting couch into the bathroom for some lush seating. The key to highlighting both your sense of style and the beauty of vintage designer furniture is to really showcase it—bring the pieces you love out of rooms you’re never in and to the forefront of both your life and your home.

Use Color

A great way to both highlight a large piece of antique furniture and ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm a room is to paint it the same color as the wall behind it. Choosing something like eggplant or deep blue is a surprising twist from the traditional neutrals of a home. Painting your antique furniture in the same hue ensures that guests know the placement and the piece are intentional, without being overwhelming.

Another great way to use color is in your textiles—match the heavy patterns of brocade with a complementary striped throw or patterned throw pillows. Keep all the textiles rich and balanced. If you’re looking for something that looks good with everything? Try ethnic patterns and materials.

If you’ve fallen in love with a particularly bright or colorful piece, a powerful way to display it is by downplaying the rest of the room—opt for surrounding furniture in all-white and minimalistic lines. Keeping the focus on one antique piece allows the eye to find a focus point without being glaring—an especially good technique for the minimalist in all of us.

The Heart of the Home

For most, the kitchen is the heart of their home—it’s where families and friends come together. Utilizing authentic antique furniture goes a long way in making your space feel personal and put together. A vintage secretary desk with new glass doors makes an impressive statement when used as a home bar. Pair it with modern stemless glassware and glass decanters for a polished look.

In a similar vein, mix an antique furniture piece like a dining table with modern chairs—think a heavy and ornate hardwood table with thin, brushed metal chairs—the contrast is clean and keeps the room from looking either too heavy or too light. Keep the combination the focus by not covering the table with a tablecloth or placemats—let the antique finish be the main focal point of the room. If you’re set on a modern table and chairs, offset their austere lines with an exquisite antique rug. Use the colors from the rug to guide you in buying a table runner or placemats—even mimicking similar colors in your napkins can upgrade your table settings.

If you’re looking to expand upon your current storage space, a set of vintage cabinets secured above your countertop is both beautiful and functional. Keeping the cabinets in the same color family ensures that the two play well together even in smaller spaces. If adding cabinets isn’t an option, consider using a polished antique wardrobe in a contrasting color to your current furniture. Seeking out a designer furniture piece with height is a wonderful way to make a grand statement without eating up precious floor space.

At DECASO, we’re interested in authentic, beautiful pieces of designer furniture that highlight your taste. Contact our dealers today and see what other pieces they can find for you.