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Whether you crave the ergonomics of an authentic Herman Miller or the style of an Arne Jacobsen egg chair, you'll find it all in our collection of designer office chairs.

Antique office Chairs: The seat of business

In today’s age of hustlers and go-getters, an office chair is a vital piece of furniture. It’s where problems are solved and big ideas are dreamed up—where important decisions are made and the majority of the work day (and the occasional late night and long weekend) are spent. With credentials like that, it’s important to invest in an antique office chair that you’ll love sitting in every day.

A History of Antique office Chairs

Antique office chairs became furniture staples in the mid-19th century when typewriters and telephones created a need for desk jobs. Shortly thereafter engineers and doctors started designing office chairs with an eye for promoting health and comfort due to the increased amount of time people were spending behind desks. Since then, desk chairs have continued to evolve, with more and more features geared toward aesthetics, back support, comfort and convenience.

Things to keep in mind when selecting an antique office chair

A first and foremost qualifier when picking a desk chair should be comfort. If you’re spending approximately eight hours of your day sitting in a particular chair, the last thing you want is for it to be uncomfortable. Ergonomic chairs (which means designed for efficiency and comfort) have been developed for that exact purpose. Depending on your support needs, different chair backs can help with a variety of back, movement and posture-related concerns. And the good news? With the variety of finishes, fabrics and designs available today, comfort and style go hand-in-hand.

With comfort accounted for, it’s also essential to look for an antique office chair that matches the decor of your office space. While a classic black leather chair will work in most spaces, there are many other colors, fabrics and finishes to choose from. Make a statement with an Eames orange fiberglass armchair, or a bring tranquility to your office with an Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair in a calm blue hue. Give it a feminine touch with a plush mohair armchair that swivels, or channel old-school masculinity with a classic, Chesterfield style chair with supple leather. Believe it or not, antique desk chairs can be anything but boring and can imbue strong personality and character into a work space.

A comfortable designer office chair needs its utilitarian counterpart— the designer desk. And of course, a stylish designer table lamp to help illuminate those late-night brainstorming sessions. Finally, don’t forget to include guest chairs, especially if you have an executive style desk. While guest chairs don’t need to be identical to your throne, a common element, whether it be style, color or fabric, will help to visually unite the room.

Different antique office chair features to consider

Like any other piece of furniture, the “ideal” desk chair varies widely from person to person. Some can’t fathom the idea of an office chair that doesn’t swivel, while others like to recline in the plush luxury of an upholstered armchair. Here are some key elements to consider when selecting your antique office chair.

Back Rest

Full back support is important when you’re spending many hours in a single chair. To some, that means a stiff, high-backed chair that doesn’t move. To others—an ergonomic back that is flexible and adjusts to your spine as you move. Some designer office chairs have adjustable back heights, which can be convenient if you are sharing the chair with someone else. Other options include a reclining mechanism, which can be wonderful for secret afternoon naps.


The seat of the chair can vary widely. A seat that can be adjusted to different heights can be a very convenient feature, as it enables the chair to suit a variety of different table and desk heights. Some like seats that are plush and padded, with foam and other materials for added comfort. Ability to swivel is another important aspect of a designer office chair. A swivel mechanism can be very convenient when conducting meetings, as it allows you to face different people, or rotate to reach things around your desk.


The fabric and padding of an antique office chair is another important element. Leather can be a luxurious, supple option that, in addition to looking elegant, wears well over time. Other stylish options include mohair, velvet and linen, while some prefer harder chairs made of metal, wood, or acrylic.


While this is a bit of an ambiguous term, ergonomic office chairs are mindfully designed to support the body, conform to your shape, and allow for a wide range of movement. Ergonomic chairs feature different parts of the chair constructed separately for added mobility and customization, plus foam for cushion and support.