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Our extensive selection of antique and designer desks rivals the finest collections. Curated to suit a multitude of tastes, you'll find the perfect desk to transform your work space into a contemplative study.

Upgrade Your Productivity with an Antique Desk

Working from home, or simply sorting through your bills and letters, is a delicate process. It requires enough space to spread out, sufficient light—and a beautiful work space. The best way to elevate your home office or other work space is by adding an antique desk. Antique desks boast a history and level of functionality not often found in off-the-shelf desks. Frequently we’re asked how to incorporate these crafted pieces into existing styles—here are our recommendations to adding an heirloom desk in your home.

Mix & Match Styles

Nothing boosts productivity like a functional workspace. To start, we recommend taking inventory of your needs for an antique desk. Are you often on your feet? Do you need expansive room to work? How high should it be relative to your favorite chair? Are you facing a window? All the aspects of your current working situation needs to be accounted for, as well as keeping in mind the things you’re hoping to change.

If you have a smaller office and want to add some interest without bulk, seek out a standing or architect’s desk, or a smaller antique desk with hairpin legs to maximize your room's open space. Conversely, if you’re looking to ground an airy, spacious office, adding a sturdy executive desk can keep your room centered around the most important aspect—work.

Mixing styles is relatively easy once you grasp the basics of your personal design style—find what pieces you love the most and highlight these pieces by subduing the rest of the room. If the antique desks you’re drawn to are thin and slight, opt for a heavy credenza to offset it and keep the room from looking too leggy. Fall in love with a delicate antique desk? Add a sturdy chair to ensure the room is grounded. Likewise. if you’re attracted to the ornate carvings and designs in an antique wooden desk, add a curved and saucy Art Deco chair to scale the reservedness of the desk down a notch, preventing the room from feeling too serious.

Make it Work

Don’t forget what your home office is for—working. Adding a beautiful antique desk isn’t enough. Finish curating the room with other pieces that add to your aesthetic and add function. An antique dresser can offer storage and counter space, while accent chairs will allow you to relax in your office, as well as keep it from becoming too stagnant. Comfortable leather or upholstered armchairs clustered around an antique coffee table can bring new life into a previously unused space.

Shine a little light on the situation by adding a vintage lighting fixture. Lighting is an easy way to add more style and character to the room without taking up necessary floor space. A hanging Art Deco pendant or luxurious chandelier give off very different vibes, but both can be added to an office with ease, giving you control over the style in your home. Similarly, adding wall sconces on either side of your antique desk can give you much-needed light and impart a significant dose of style.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize with antiques, either. Vintage pens, blotters, or leather desk pads can all be used to create a unique and functional work space. If your antique desk has a raised back, add a vintage vase, teapot, or trophy filled with fresh flowers or a live plant to balance out the seriousness of the room.

Double Up

If your room is large enough and can successfully hold two antique desks, you’re greatly benefit from having both. A large, flat, wooden desk is perfect for tackling large problems or staging work, while a standing secretary or roll-top desk can help you file, organize, and showcase your other work. Setting the two opposite each other can minimize differences, especially when combined with other antique or vintage pieces. Adding an antique rug that connects the room can go a long ways in creating an inviting, functional, and beautiful space.

If you need the extra space but can’t swing two desks? Opt for a credenza or large side table that offers storage and helpful table-top space. Even adding extra shelving in a closet can go a long way in making your home office a more workable space, without sacrificing style.

Work with DECASO

At DECASO, we’re dedicated to finding the best pieces to grow with you. Our antiques are sourced from all over the world and are showcased online, making it easy on you to find the antique desk or other piece of your dreams, anywhere, anytime. If you can’t find the perfect piece, contact one of our sellers; they'll be more than happy to help you hunt for it. Don’t spend countless hours searching for a piece—make it easy on yourself with DECASO.