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Rest your feet after a long hard day or create a perfect studio vignette with a designer ottoman. Browse our selection of antique fabric, wood, and metal designer ottomans.

All about Antique Ottomans

An antique or designer ottoman just might be the most versatile piece of furniture you’ll ever own. It’s a magical number that can be fashioned into virtually anything you want it to be. And no matter how you use it, an antique ottoman is a beautiful accent piece, capable of bringing a pop of color and style to any room.

Your antique ottoman—versatility at its finest

This multi-purpose piece of furniture is both aesthetic and functional. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate a designer ottoman into your home decor:


The perfect haven for your feet at the end of a long day, place a designer ottoman near your sofa or armchair and voilà, relaxation central.

Coffee Table

A comfortable alternative to a hard coffee table, a large designer ottoman with a flat, firm surface makes a fine coffee table, especially when outfitted with an oversized tray made of marble or stone.


Place an antique ottoman in an entryway and you’ll have created a convenient stop-over for putting on shoes and storing gloves, hats and slippers. Or slide a designer ottoman next to a window to create a cozy nook.  Either combine a series of cube ottomans, or find a long, rectangular specimen.

Bedroom Bench

An ottoman placed against the foot of your bed provides a convenient spot to place decorative pillows overnight, store extra linens and blankets, or simply drape clothes.

Incognito Storage

No matter how you decide to use your ottoman, most designs have a built-in compartment for storage. Whether you use yours to store blankets, remotes, games, books, or other accessories, ottomans are a great way to keep your space tidy, while also keeping the essentials within reach.

And the best part? Most designer ottomans are easy to move around from room to room as your decor needs change.

Choosing the right Antique Ottoman for your Home

The ottoman is a unique piece of furniture that comes in an endless variety of styles, colors and materials. Some popular materials include leather, suede, velvet, and wood. A designer ottoman can read as understated and blend into a room, or it can be a standout accent that commands attention with eclectic prints or vivid colors. While paisleys and intricate prints can be too busy for a large piece of furniture, they can provide just the right amount of visual interest when applied to a smaller piece like an antique ottoman.

A designer ottoman is definitely a piece you can get adventurous with, but for the best results, bear in mind these two tips:

  • Choose something that is both beautiful and durable so that it can withstand the test of time. Pick upholstery fabrics that are heavy and strong, or opt for leather.

  • When pairing an antique ottoman with a designer sofa or armchair, it’s important to make sure that the heights all complement each other.  We recommend selecting an ottoman that is either the same height or lower than your sofa or chairs.

Different types of Designer Ottomans

Coveting an ottoman, but not quite sure what kind you need? Here are a few different types to help you narrow down your search:


As cute it sounds. The pouf is a plush ottoman made of soft material without any sort of hard shell underneath its exterior. Also called a bean-bag ottoman, these beauties are usually round, but can come in other shapes as well. This one is best used for a footrest, extra seating, or simply as a fun decor accent.


This “coffee-table” style ottoman functions seamlessly as a table. One variation includes a sturdy tray which sits on top of the ottoman cushion and provide a firm, hard surface. Another option is the convertible ottoman. This designer ottoman features a reversible top. On one side there is a hard tabletop and on the other there is a cushioned panel. The beauty of this ottoman is that you can use it either way.


The cube ottoman features a modern shape that is both utilitarian and playful. A cube ottoman can be nestled against a wall, tucked into a corner, or used as a footrest. You can also stack several of them horizontally to form a bench, or vertically for added height. Look for cube ottomans in beautiful designer fabrics. Because of their simple shapes, these ottomans are a favorite of skilled upholsterers.


Finding an ottoman with a hidden storage compartment can be incredibly convenient, especially if you have smaller living quarters. A storage ottoman is the perfect place to store blankets, remotes, books, games, and anything else you’d like to have handy. The most common type of storage ottoman features a lift lid, which uses hinges to open, but there are also some ottomans that come equipped with drawers.