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A Guide to Antique Beds

There’s no place like an antique bed – find the perfect one.

A furniture focal piece throughout the ages, beds have always played a key role in defining a bedroom. Whether antique, ornate, or simply minimalistic and modern, your bed is the statement piece of the bedroom, and arguably, the most important piece of furniture in your home. And since the bedroom is so often your sanctuary, the one space is that is really just for you, it’s important to choose a comfortable, beautiful bed that really reflects who you are. Look for colors that soothe, fabrics that embrace, and frames that support the most decadent nights of sleep.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing authentic antique beds for your bedroom décor is that the vintage look will never become outdated or go out of style. It’s a timeless, tasteful choice that can either create a classic, sophisticated look, or contribute a bohemian, trendy vibe. The furnishings you choose to complement the antique bed will really help determine the look of the room. Mixing and matching a curated mix of different vintage or modern pieces that don’t necessarily match the bed adds a unique sense of character and personality to the bedroom.

When it comes to antique beds, the array of different designer styles and options is truly endless! There are exquisite styles from all over the world, and it’s fascinating to see how they’ve changed and evolved through different time periods. Designer beds from any decade will elevate any space with their unique, luxurious look. From opulent, ornate French frames, to lavish Italian styles, to sophisticated British colonial beds, to classic vintage pieces from the Americas, you can bring a little piece of the world from a different era right to your bedroom. And of course, when buying antique beds, make sure they are authentic, certified pieces from sellers you trust.

To help determine which type of antique bed suits your taste and space, it can be helpful to separate them up into categories like frame material, frame type, or interior design style, and pick one of those defining characteristics as the focal point to find the perfect bed.

There are many different materials that authentic antique beds can be made from. Wood is perhaps the most classic as it provides a strong foundation and beautiful look. It’s very versatile in that it can be rustic and simple, or ornate with hand-carved details and silhouettes. Plus, there are so many different colors, types and finishes to choose from. The lighter woods provide a simpler, subtler, more understated look, while mahoganies and other dark woods provide a much stronger, more dominant statement. Metals such as iron, brass, chrome or steel are another popular choice, and can be incredibly intricate, or simple and austere, depending on the design. Other common materials include supple leather, acrylics, and luxurious upholstery. Some designer beds will also include a mix of these materials for a more high-end, unique style.

All of these frame materials can appear entirely different based on the frame style they’re purposed for. Snuggle up in a sleigh bed with its sleek curves and strong foundation, or luxuriate like royalty in a canopy or four-poster bed, which can be accented with curtains for a more intimate, opulent look. Without curtains, it commands a bolder, more dramatic presence with its large columns surrounding the bed. There is also its less-imposing alternative, the traditional antique low four-poster bed. If you’re looking for something a bit more romantic, a French-style bed mixes upholstery and wood for ultimate comfort and support, while looking very luxurious.

If you already have a bedframe or are hesitant to commit to a very distinct style of bed, the perfect way to add a luxurious accent to any bedroom is a beautiful headboard. Antique headboards come in so many different varieties and styles that you can find an exquisite accent piece for any bedroom, no matter your style or price range.

As far as antique bed design styles go, there is a high-end, designer option for any taste. The categories are seemingly infinite, but some of the most popular ones are mid-century modern, French country, modern, traditional, art deco, rustic, Victorian, art noveau, shabby chic, boho, contemporary, etc. Sometimes, the coolest bedrooms are the ones that mix a variety of these styles instead of sticking to just one.

No matter which kind of antique bed you choose, it’ll add a charming, sophisticated, high-end look to your bedroom. And what can be better than a bedroom you love? It’s where the day dawns and you dream the night away. It’s home to that first morning stretch, hectic Monday morning scramble, and delicious Sunday morning linger. It’s a place for snuggling and romance, for relaxation and peace, the last room you see before you turn out the lights at the end of day.