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Throw Rugs

For those gifted with a gypsy soul, there is nothing finer than throw rugs. Layer your home in an assortment of the world's most beautiful carpets to cultivate a look that is rich in bohemian spirit.

How to decorate with antique & designer throw rugs

While floors are oft overlooked when it comes to decorating, let us be among the first to say—they most definitely shouldn’t be. Thankfully, antique and designer throw rugs make easy work of styling your floors, and on occasion, your walls and upholstered furniture too... To unwind the many way in which antique and designer throw rugs can be used, read on.

Elevating the Antique Throw Rug

We all know that floors are prime real estate for throw rugs, but sometimes a space craves an element of the unexpected, hence the reason we're pulling our rugs up onto the walls, couches, and beds.

Many of the antique throw rugs you find today are already mounted and ready to hang on your wall. They display wonderfully in a living or office space. If you have a vast living area with high ceilings, hang a few side by side on a wall that could use a little love. The higher placement can create a royal feel. Lightweight antique throw rugs can be used as, well, throws. Transform your loveseat or favorite armchair with a dazzling designer throw rug instead of an ordinary blanket. Do you have a plain duvet on your bed? Splurge on an antique throw rug long enough to drape over the end of your bed. It can add just the right punch of pattern and color to your space.

When looking for antique throw rugs to utilize in ways other than floor coverings, keep an eye out for kilims and other woven rugs that don't have a typical backing, as this will allow them to drape naturally on furniture. Tufted Moroccan rugs such as berbers are also fine options, but due to their weight they'll be best utilized as wall tapestries.

Grounding Principles

For all intents and purposes, finding creative ways to display antique rugs adds to their longevity; however, placing them on the floor is what they're intended for, and, well, there's no denying they tackle the task of warming up floors in spades. For example, if you have a music room, place an antique throw rug on the floor to help soundproof it and add a touch of character to an otherwise personality-less space.

If you have hardwood floors, or even if you have carpet, use an antique throw rug alongside your bed. The thick, plush pile will be a welcome treat for feet first thing in the morning. If you do have carpet already installed, add an extra layer of sumptuousness with a sheepskin pelt. Deliciously tactile, sheepskin throw rugs are perfect for layering on top of low-pile carpets or natural fiber rugs.

Elsewhere in the home, try an antique throw rug in a powder room or master bath. Infinitely more luxurious than a standard bath mat, a designer throw rug will sop up water with aplomb, but will add unexpected interest thanks to its worldly pattern. You might also think of adding a designer throw rug to a neglected foyer. If you have guests remove their shoes at the door of your home, welcoming them with an inviting designer throw rug will make a thoughtful impression.

You might also consider placing a designer throw rug in a kitchen. While not the most conventional choice, a designer throw rug will add visual interest to a kitchen floor–normally a large expanse of tile, stone, or hardwood. A designer throw rug will also help to ward off slips, making it an inspired choice for in front of a sink or the galley created between a wall of cabinets and a center island. Because kitchens aren’t often low on personal accents, a designer throw rug is also the perfect occasion to imbue personal tastes. Seize the opportunity, and opt for antique and designer throw rugs that speak to your room’s underlying theme. In example, choose a southwestern or Navajo kilim for a ranch-style kitchen, or an oriental rug for a kitchen with mediterranean undertones.

When you want to tie your most valued spaces together, look no further than antique and designer throw rugs that are carefully sourced from authentic dealers who care about quality. At DECASO, finding the perfect antique throw rug for your home is a splendidly easy task.