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Rocking Chairs

If you think that rocking chairs are reserved for porches and nurseries, then you haven't seen the designer rocking chairs we've curated from the finest collections in the world.

Adding Style and Character with Antique Rocking Chairs

While rocking chairs may have stayed en vogue for specific rooms (the nursery, for example) they’ve mostly gone out of style for any other area in the home. But what if bringing them out of the baby’s room into your main living space could give an instant chic update to your home and give you some much needed seating? Rocking chairs are classic, beautiful chairs that evoke a very specific style--they’re built for comfort and lounging--they’re inviting. And by adding one to your home, you’re bringing that energy to the room, allowing it to play off the other pieces without becoming overbearing.

Mix and Match Styles

When adding a new piece to your living space, it’s important to understand the allure of antique rocking chairs--their style is one-of-a-kind, and lends itself to blending or coordinating with other styles well. Finding a unique piece is imperative, and the second step is ensuring that your chair stands on its own in the room.

Make your antique rocking chair the center of attention by complementing a distinctive characteristic, like a color or shape, in another piece in the room. Pull out pillows or throws that offset the designer rocking chair, adding depth and personal design style to the room.

If you’re looking to bring the focus to your new piece, consider investing in furniture that yields the floor. Clean lines, a muted monochromatic color, and visually low profile can ensure your luxury chair stands center stage, without seeming obvious. Consider a neutral, low-backed sofa paired with an ornate, gilded chair, or a more stately couch to complement the relaxed vibe of two wicker antique rocking chairs.

If you’re looking at piece that highlights all the aspects you love in antique rocking chairs, but are unsure of how to update it for your more modern-leaning home, try searching out a block color throw, or ethnic textiles to surround the piece. By adding more updated style elements to the room (and especially the chair) you’ll prevent the room from looking too dated or thematic.

Unusual Spaces & Places

If you’ve found an antique rocking chair in a style you love but can’t mix or match it with your current living room, try adding it to a different space in your home. Pull it into your en suite for a luxurious place to relax before or after a bath. Or add a bare-bones chair to the kitchen for a sleeker seating arrangement than guests sitting on your counters. Bring a mismatched pair onto your porch for inviting seating that doesn’t look like you tried too hard. Two sets blended together can create the right laid-back vibe you’re looking for, while a pair of matching antique rocking chairs with a few straight-backed porch chairs can create a more polished space.

Adding a Vintage Vibe

If you’ve become inspired by your antique designer rocking chair and want that energy to expand throughout your living space, you have plenty of options. Finding a matching chair would be a good first move, and having the two set up in their own conversation area or as part of a larger seating area. Pull together accents that fit with the style of the chair--coordinate colors, shapes, textures, or details that highlight the parts of the chair you love. Whether it’s the color mimicked in a floor runner in the hallway, or the pattern repeated in art in the kitchen, subtly continuing the theme throughout the home is an easy way to make every room seem cohesive without, say, painting all the walls lime green.

Speaking of paint, adding an accent wall behind your new-to-you designer rocking chair that either complements or contrasts with the chair can go a long way toward completing the room. A commitment like painting a wall can seem daunting, but it makes the room look curated--like a gallery, let your pieces shine through the space you create for them.

In a similar vein, you can create a visually imposing scene for your antique rocking chair by placing it at the head of your room (this is usually opposite a large window or doorway) and placing all the other furniture to the sides or middle of the room. Creating a “path” of furniture for the eye to follow that leads to your designer rocking chair is a brave and dramatic way to arrange your room.

If you’d like to literally highlight your piece, consider a swan-necked floor lamp that illuminates the piece from above at night. Paired with a beautiful side table, you can create a comfortable and stunning area to work in the evenings. Add a plush antique rug and modern throw for the ultimate combination of style and character.

Find the Pieces You Love

Seeking out the pieces you dream about can be a daunting task, and many are restricted by time, travel ability, and inventory. At DECASO, we want to help you find the antique rocking chair (or any vintage piece) without the frustrations that come with personally curating a showroom of furniture to browse. We source our piece from all over, finding the perfect addition to your home for you.