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Create the perfect portable glow in your home with a set of designer lanterns. Spice up a reading room, add romance to a garden, or create an astonishing cathedral style.

Why Antique Lanterns Are Just as Stylish As Lamps

Imagine a room in your home that doesn’t have dull overhead lighting or fluorescent bulbs, but is rather illuminated by a constellation of designer lanterns. Antique lanterns offer a warm radiance to any area and whether they are made of metal, glass, or paper, they can help to focus your mind, calm your thoughts, and create a romantic ambience.

For a long time, lanterns were the main source of light for people. With their strong connection to bygone eras and their attractive nature, lanterns add character to homes, gardens, and venues alike. Modern lanterns are frequently battery operated, but many people still prefer the simplicity of older styles which use candles or kerosene.

Types of Antique Lanterns

Several kinds of lanterns have emerged through the years, for industrial necessity, decorative style, and functionality. If you are new to collecting antique and designer lanterns, you should familiarize yourself with some of the most common styles.

Arts & Crafts Lanterns

An era referred to as Arts and Crafts dominated the late 19th century into the early 20th century. The age came about as a rebellion against the growing industrial age. Items produced during this time were homely and characteristically flawed. The most popular lanterns from this period are rustic, copper hanging varieties.

Railroad Lanterns

These are some of the most sought-after and collectible antique lanterns. Railroad lanterns boast a unique design along with bold shades that can add character to any room. There are a range of styles available with some featuring metal structures and colored glass globes. These antique lanterns were originally used by railroad workers to send signals between one another and help them see clearly when they were traveling between cars.

Art Deco Lanterns

Antique art deco lanterns are recognizable for their bright colors and geometric forms. Some were produced with a range of different colors of glass brought together in a single lantern. Art deco lanterns were popular during the mid-20th century and are believed to have been designed to shed light on the gloom of World War 1.

Nautical Onion Lanterns

These antique lanterns were most common during the 19th century and their name derives from their shape that looks similar to an onion. Usually made of glass and a durable metal, these antique lanterns held either oil or candles and were used to light the way for sailors at night. They also served as directional light and were used to garner a ship captain’s attention.

The Benefits of Using Antique Lanterns in Your Home

Designer lanterns are the ideal accessory for framing steps of a staircase in your home or even tiered on a dresser for a soft glow. Antique lanterns are also versatile and can be used for events around your home. Glass lanterns make for beautiful centerpieces and focal points on any table. You can pair lanterns with marbles, candles, or botanicals to create a dining room table talking point, and you can redecorate for different holidays.

There are few pieces of décor that can be used to decorate both indoors and outdoors, but metal and glass lanterns are easy to move around, clean, and are designed to withstand a degree of outdoor wear and tear. Open flames are never desirable in a home, which rules out candlesticks or pillar candle holders, but antique lanterns offer a safe alternative to open flames, especially if you plan on holding an event outdoors or children will be present.

Designer lanterns can also be used as a mini terrarium. Mosses and succulents are known to thrive in a contained environment, as do stems. You can also use antique lanterns to bring natural elements into your home, such as leaves, rocks, and dried fruits.

Shop for Antique Lanterns at DECASO

At DECASO we source our antique items from around the world to bring you valuable and sought-after pieces to add to your space. The lanterns cone in a range of designs and shapes and can add a whimsical essence to your home. Whether you want to use designer lanterns as decorative pieces or functional lighting, our online showroom showcases a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. If you cannot find something particular, contact one of our sellers and let them help you source it for your space.