Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille


Henry Fonda was a fan of Serge Mouille Lighting. The actor famously refused to leave Mouilles's doorstep until he had a custom-made lamp in his possession.

Gathering inspiration from the most unlikely of places—including human skeletal structure—Serge Mouille was formally trained as a silversmith, a background which his many-jointed, spider-like chandeliers ardently underscore. In 1956 Serge Mouille pieces were eminently displayed alongside works from Ismau Noguchi and Jean Prouvé, proving that despite their functional colloquialism they are also artful. But it is perhaps Mouilles's last known lighting design—the Colonnes—that best illustrates his vision. Constructed of an illuminated tube encircled with opaque bands; it is transcendent.

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