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If you ask us, there is nothing secondary about silver. Just as resplendent as gold and touch easier to mix and match thanks to its cool color palette, it's an easy win in our book.

Add Sparkle to Your Life with Antique Silver

The obsession with curated, heirloom pieces is having a moment. When it comes to home decorating, the idea of carefully collected pieces that have history, meaning, and personal significance is coming to a peak. Popping up in box stores and designer boutiques alike, silver pieces are coming into their own—yet why not skip the middleman, do away with reproductions, and invest in antique silver?

Silver Harkens Us Back

Growing up, we probably watched our parents or grandparents pull antique silver from the china cabinet and polish it in advance of a holiday or other special occasion. These were “good” pieces, pulled out for events and then painstakingly cared for the rest of the time. Silver is coming out of the cabinet these days—mixing itself with less opulent, more everyday items. Antique silver is being used to impart spaces with both style and functionality; not just decoration.

It wasn’t until the last decade or so that the concept of mixing styles came about. Adding antique silver to an otherwise austere and sturdy room adds a touch of elegance, and in some cases, whimsy. From a silver serving set to silver jewelry and combs, the elegant look and authenticity of antique silver doesn’t go unnoticed. Curating pieces with nostalgia is only half the joy of antique silver—using these pieces in your everyday life adds beauty and history to your home as well.

The secret to combining antique silver with styles that aren't necessarily traditional? Not letting one style overwhelm the other. If you’re adding a row of exquisite antique hair combs in your bathroom, offset that romanticism with a wood framed mirror or sturdy marble countertop. In a similar vein, if you’re adding a swirling silver bowl to your coffee table, add thick leather-bound coffee table books and a set of slate coasters to finish the room. Here are our tips for bringing out the best in your home decor, personal style, and antique silver.

Collect & Curate

If you’ve gathered several pieces of a similar group—like antique silver hand-held mirrors—displaying them together in a collection is a beautiful and simple way to highlight their beauty. Allow these pieces of antique silver to reflect your life in an unexpected way by hanging them on a wall. If you have a collection of pieces that work well together—say, a vase and two candle sticks—it makes sense to display them together in one well-lit and often-seen area of your home. Showcasing the pieces together, often surrounded by your more casual pieces, is a fantastic way to add a touch of glam to your room without being over the top.

If you fall in love with the interesting shape or engravings on an unusual piece, like a trophy or teapot, incorporate it into your everyday life by by staging them in the middle of your kitchen or coffee table and filling them with oversized, romantic blooms like antique roses. An incomplete antique silver serving set can still be used to hold beauty supplies in your bathroom, or small fruit in your kitchen. Adding these singular pieces to your rooms, whether you keep them together or scatter them over your home, is a beautiful way to incorporate the luxury of antique silver without working to complete sets.

Antique silver can also serve a highly practical purpose when brought into the kitchen. Whether it’s a delicate sugar bowl or an oversized fruit dish, turning a luxurious antique silver piece into a double-duty work horse is both beautiful and useful. Add delicately crafted pieces of antique silverware to your existing silverware to impart a curated vibe. Whether you add just one oversized spoon for serving, or double your silverware with mismatched pieces, solid antique silverware exemplifies the shabby-chic style and allows you to play with multiple styles at the same time.

Decorate with DECASO

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect antique silver piece to complement your current style and add a touch of glamour and character to your home, turn to DECASO. We source our pieces from all over the world. Browse through hundreds of pieces to find the one that fits with your home and style. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our sellers, who will be happy to help you find the perfect piece.