October 4, 2017

It used to be that we simply wanted Vanessa Traina to curate our closets. But as the fashion visionary’s dual knack for interior design has emerged, via—paradoxically enough—her fashion brand, The Line, and its impeccable, apartment-style showrooms, we’ve become equally inclined to let the exquisitely-attired maven work her magic on our abodes.

Applying her wardrobe’s avant-garde-meets-classic aesthetic to décor has clearly been a natural progression for Vanessa Traina. Not long after founding The Line in 2013, she began plotting the brand’s brick and mortar retail space, which gradually evolved into The Apartment by The Line. With outposts in L.A. and New York, The Apartments by The Line imitate chic, enviably-furnished pieds-à-terre where (dreamily enough) everything is for sale.


Both of The Apartments are uniquely styled to echo the vibe of their host city, as well; the New York apartment showcases a chic-yet-rebellious city feel (complete with a pelt-draped Hans Wegner Flag chair), while the L.A. apartment evokes a breezy, beach-influenced abode (and comes outfitted with an enormous, sun-dappled bathtub shaped like a giant, halved ostrich egg)—Clearly, Traina’s good taste doesn’t limit itself to the ready-to-wear realm.

Photo courtesy of The Apartment by The Line

Having recently revealed her affinity for DECASO, calling it “a source of inspiration when thinking of what to purchase for The Line, as well as for my own home,” we were delighted to partner with Vanessa and have her curate and host a DECASO collection at The Apartment by The Line in L.A.. In conjunction with the event, we also had the opportunity to speak with the co-founder and the sitting executive creative director of The Line (and its parent company Assembled Brands) to ask about her design inspirations, her home necessities, and her most current design obsessions. And, oh, yes, we also asked about her how her wardrobe relates to design, because when graced with fashion royalty like Vanessa Traina, it would be remiss not to…

Photo courtesy of The Apartment by The Line

When it comes to furniture and design, what inspires you? 

In terms of design, whether it is furniture or fashion, I am inspired by fabrication, color and silhouette. An entire room or collection can come alive with one painting, accent color, or interesting piece of furniture. One can easily twist the look, and it is those unexpected pieces that inspire me the most.

In the past, you’ve spoken about the appeal of investing in classic fashion rather than trend-driven fashion. Do you endorse a similar approach when curating furniture and home décor?

Absolutely. I see myself as a collector of sorts in both fashion and design. When I invest in the collection I like to imagine that I could live with the piece for years to come. My home and wardrobe are constantly changing with new additions to the collection, but it is rooted in those timeless items.

Just like there are classic basics for the wardrobe, what are 3 basics for the home that you consider necessities?

Rugs to lend a sense of warmth, personal objects, and good lighting.

Photo courtesy of The Apartment by The Line

What has been the most exciting aspect of curating a DECASO collection?

I had wanted to partner with DECASO for some time. They work with some of the best vintage dealers and curators, and their website has been a source of inspiration when thinking of what to purchase for The Line, as well as for my own home. Our mission is similar so it was a natural fit—The site puts pieces in context to inspire and evoke a deep appreciation for the truly special selection.

Your curation features some marvelous items. Can you highlight a few of your favorites?

The Antique Persian Bakshaish rug from Antique Rug Co. is exquisite. The weave is timeless and classic, but there’s a charm that sets it apart from many of the vintage rugs I’ve seen over the years. It’s definitively an awe-inspiring piece.

I’m thrilled to have vessels from Dana John at The Line. Their selection is unparalleled, and they have pieces fit for every home.

Reform is one of my favorite vintage curators—I often visit when I’m in Los Angeles. The breadth is so impressive. There’s something from nearly every era.

Photo courtesy of The Apartment by The Line

When it comes to your own home, do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

Arctander Clam chairs

What’s your favorite material to decorate with currently?

Wallpaper. My husband and I just finished our Hamptons home and the theme is wallpaper. We had a beautiful DeGournay installation in our main living room.

Do you collect anything?

Art, books, shoes.

Photo courtesy of The Apartment by The Line

The L.A. outpost of The Apartment by the Line has enviable natural light. In your opinion, how does lighting enhance a room?

Lighting affects the mood and changes the perception of color in the room. It is one of the most important facets in designing a space.

What differentiates L.A. design from other parts of the world?

L.A. design is influenced by the landscape of the city, including the light, sea and general laid-back lifestyle, making it truly is different from the rest of the world.

Photo courtesy of The Apartment by The Line