In Profile: Nannette Brown

Manhattan-based designer Nannette Brown is no stranger to the word illustrious. Prior to joining the design game, Brown undertook stints as a NBC anchor and producer and founded an NYC stationery boutique beloved for its hand-engraved luxury paper goods. Which is all to say, Brown was saddled with a treasure trove of knowledge when she made a career-defying leap and opened her own design firm, Nannette Brown. Well-versed in the art of drama (no surprise given her pre-design career), Brown has embraced a monochromatic palette that speaks to both modernist and romantic sensibilities. Her eye for avant-garde sculpture tempered with classical design principles has further endeared her to well-heeled New York City clients, as well as shelter mags like Elle Décor and Town and Country. Hot off a string of high profile projects, Brown recently took time to share some of her design favorites to go along with her collection of DECASO favorites. Read on to discover the oft-forgotten rooms Brown’s alway keen to splurge on, the daring ways she loves to pair high and low, plus a half dozen white paints this self-professed monochromist deems a ten-out-of-ten.

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To get a better sense of today’s design world in Brooklyn, we asked five of our favorite creators about their neighborhoods, their favorite boutiques, and the other designers who influence their lives. Brooklyn can be overwhelming to visitors—it has more residents than Paris as well as 15 U.S. states, after all (a true, Google-able fact)—so it helps to have a friend. We spoke with Brian Volk-Zimmerman of VOLK Studio, Erik Johnson of Argosy Product Division, Bowen Liu, Robert Sukrachand, and Anthony Morris to find Brooklyn’s best and learn how it inspires them through every New York minute.

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“With great risk comes great reward.”

Thomas Jefferson obviously wasn’t pondering White House paint schemes and furniture layouts when he uttered those decisive words, but that doesn’t mean his declaration doesn’t ring true in the world of interior design. Today, the spaces drumming up industry buzz are rarely without a bold aesthetic leap. Consider for instance, Under—Europe’s recently-opened underwater restaurant submerged in the North Sea just off Lindesnes, Norway. While not all design risks have to literally defy the limits of oxygen, a risk of any magnitude can reap magnificent creative reward. We recently asked a group of boundary-pushing designers about their favorite career design risks. From 16 foot acrylic rainbows to lacquered black walls, these answers may have you itching to take a design risk of your own!

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London’s legendary Annabel social club may have a strict no phones after 6 P.M. rule, but don’t be fooled—the fantastical space, designed by London’s Martin Brudnizki—begs to be buzzed about. Annabel, which opened this past March, is just one of the latest projects for Brudnizki, the Swedish-born designer who has spent the past decade transforming some of the world’s most storied hotels, clubs, and eateries into wondrous, maximalist escapes.

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