January 30, 2019

San Francisco may not be cashing in its title as tech titan yet, but its rising status as a design hub may be giving the former a run for its money. Among the tell-tale signs that The City by the Bay is in metamorphosis is Ken Fulk’s newly launched arts society, St. Joseph’s. Located in San Francisco’s rapidly transforming SoMa neighborhood, St. Joseph’s inhabits a once-blighted Catholic church that for years perplexed re-developers with its myriad of structural challenges. With the support of his adopted city, Fulk purchased St. Joseph’s with the intent of turning it into an event space that would both preserve and promote San Francisco’s arts community. If the stunning outcome is any indication, SF’s design crusaders have received a critical ally in Fulk’s St. Joseph’s.

To celebrate this year’s SF FOG Design + Art  Fair—yet another event that’s helping to propel San Francisco’s design legitimacy—DECASO kicked off the day at St. Joseph’s. Over two dozen interior designers joined in on an intimate tour of the Society along with DECASO’s Kendra Frisbie and Gregg and Anna Brockway. Here, get a sneak peek at St. Joseph’s marvel-worthy interiors and catch the highlights from this year’s FOG here.

A bird’s-eye view of the crowd capture from the building’s choir loft.
An in-house floral shop is located on the premises of St. Joseph’s. Known as Mr. Fulk’s Flower Factory, the shop turns out impeccable blooms for events and the general public.
Furniture from an array of different era and style is used throughout St. Joseph’s. Here, a hooded chair is matched with a Persian rug and garden Pagoda statue.
A collection of emerald green objects, including a polished malachite specimen and Aldo Tura-style serving set reside near the piano.
The main space is partitioned off into intimate sitting rooms, each with a unique color palette and theme.
Gothic elements abound throughout the space. Here, a gothic cabinet is takes up residence with a Flemish-style painting and tufted banquet.
Papier mache bears by Dutch taxidemists Jaap Sinke and Ferry van Tongeren hold court over the space, bringing a touch of whimsy.
A horse head sculpture in eye-line of the original altar.
Julie Helfrich, Allison Caccoma, Eric Grosse
Lucille Buelle, Elizabeth Chandler
Kendra Frisbie, Jessie Black
Jay Jeffers in conversation.
Jay Jeffers, Kedra Frisbie
Lindsey Shook, Jenn Wade, Catherine Kwong
Kendra Frisbie, Shannon Thomson
Lindsey Shook, Jay Jeffers, Jenn Wade


Photos by Lyola Rowe