February 14, 2018

Palm Springs has no shortage of architecturally famed buildings. From Albert Frey’s docked-in-a-boulder masterpiece to the sprawling Sunnylands Estate, iconic design is in the desert city’s DNA. So when Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield of Woodson & Rummerfield were in need of a destination to host a Modernism Week event in honor of their organization, Save Iconic Architecture, in conjunction with DECASO, it needed to be one that would seriously stun.

Their final selection, the Dinah Shores Estate did just that. A sprawling, 6-bedroom estate bedecked with floor-to-ceiling windows and situated on an ultra-green landscape dotted with palms and turquoise jewel of a pool, the Estate effortlessly hosted more than a hundred guests on the evening of February 16th.


Deemed the Night of Preservation, the event was modeled after an elaborate Old Hollywood cocktail party, complete with colorful passed appetizers like cucumber gazpacho and not-your-average carnitas and chips. Guests sipped on sunset-hued cocktails and were treated to classic piano tunes as the sun sunk behind the cinematic San Jacintos that border the estate. In the spirit of SIA, Woodson and Rummerfield also presented Dinah Shores Estate member, Kip Serafin, with an award recognizing the Estate’s outstanding preservation efforts.

For DECASO president, Kendra Frisbie, the evening was an intersection of the many talented groups that power DECASO, including interior designers, architects, and industry influencers. In addition to an array of designers and industry tastemakers like ELLE Decor Interiors Editor, Robert Rufino, the event’s attendees also included DECASO dealers, including Kirk Albert, Micah Heimlich of UNHEIM and Susan Wheeler of Susan Wheeler Home. View all of the evening’s highlights below.

The exterior of the Dinah Shores Estate
Jaime Rummerfield, Ron Woodson, and DECASO’s Kendra Frisbie
DECASO’s Tod Donobedian and Kendra Frisbie
An array of colorful gazpacho shooters
The elevated chip and dip
A festive lemonade-inspired libation
Marco Crigna, Courtney Genovese, Robert Rufino
Ruth and Darren Fishman of Twin Palms Clothing Co.
DECASO’S Kendra Frisbie and Brita Muller
Dusk descends upon the outdoor pool scene
David Ruebin, Francois Semar, Michael Burman
Ron Woodson, Gary Gibson of Gary Gibson Interiors, Jaime Rummerfield
Lauren Shields and Amy Kudlac
Mat Sanders and Katie Hodges
Ron Woodson, Robert Rufino, Jaime Rummerfield, and Gary Gibson
Ron Woodson, Courtney Genovese, Jaime Rummerfield, Thomas Lavin
Brita Muller of DECASO, Gabriela Rosales, Tod Donobedian of DECASO, DECASO president Kendra Frisbie, Bob DeBelina, Susan Wheeler of Susan Wheeler Home, Kirk Albert of Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishing, Micah Heimlich of UNHEIM
Kendra Frisbie, Susan Wheeler
Kip Serafin, Ron Woodson, Jaime Rummerfield
DECASO’s Tod Donobedian and Micah Heimlich of UNHEIM
Brianne Heal, Erin King, Karen Drispa
Clayton Koppes, Jax Kelly, Bob Pearlman, Brett Shelton


All photos by Amy Graves