December 3, 2018

From white elephant gifts to a little something for your boss, it seems the holiday gift list creeps a few inches longer every year. For those who pride themselves in giving the kind of gifts that elicit true spine-tingling joy, the last-minute additions can lead to musings as to whether a box of chocolates is really the cop-out it seems. To minimize the scramble, our curators have rounded up an incredible array of rare and one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to dazzle. With selections for everyone from the collector to the entertainer, these hand-picked gifts will have you looking like a legitimate Santa whisperer.

UNDER $500

Ideal for everyone from your in-laws to your business partner, these under $500 gifts are perfectly portioned for gracing desks and dressers.

Fantasy Gifts

Because sometimes swoon-worthy is the only thing that will do. We may be biased, but we think these over-the-top gifts are best saved for when someone asks what you what you’re pining for this holiday season.

For the Art Collector

Need a tastemaker-level gift without actually being a tastemaker? These art gifts will make you look like a genuine curator.

For the Jetsetter

In addition to being chic enough for a world traveler, any one of these picks would ship remarkably well—Just in case your jet-setting BFF won’t be home for Christmas.

For the Entertainer

Toast the hostess with any of these pretty party-ready finds. Partner with a bottle of bubbly to guarantee a repeat invite.

For Him

Because, simply put: another tie would be so last year.

For the Decor Lover

Stock up luxe decor gifts that are perfect for everyone from colleagues to those neighbors downstairs with enviably good taste.

For You—From You

Because the holiday season is no cake walk, there’s no harm in picking up one (or two) of these beauties for yourself.