June 25, 2019

On its face, plaster doesn’t exactly scream design dynamism; it’s an ancient material with humble, utilitarian beginnings. But thankfully artisans throughout history realized its artistic applications, creating intricate masterpieces from stucco reliefs to classical busts. Plaster, while simple in its makeup, is primed to be manipulated and cast into any array of decorative forms and makers have continued to harness this malleable material into all manners of design excellence. To celebrate its timeless pliancy, we’ve collected 10 of our favorite plaster pieces. Prepare to be wowed by the ever-evolving power of plaster!


Echoing the resplendent reliefs of the Italian Renaissance, this panel features a more updated subject: a floral-adorned ox skull. Offered by Talisman.

2. Plaster Spiral Column Lamps

The undulating spiral cast bases of this pair of table lamps brings movement and depth to a typically ordinary object. Offered by a La MOD.

3. Framed Relief Painting

Plaster meets contemporary art in this composite piece. Plaster layered with bold strokes of oil paint create a textural, graphic oeuvre worthy of any gallery wall. Offered by Den.

4. Hand Crafted Chest of Drawers

Plaster layered over wooden drawers gives this piece a robust, cement-like finish. Swirling blues bring artistic accents this one of a kind casegood. Offered by Atelier MIRU.

5. Plaster Circle of 4 Cups Chandelier

Elegant curvatures and an opaque enamel finish showcase the stunning simplicity of this suspended plaster fixture. Offered by Apsara.

6. Dog with Crown Sculpture

Given that plaster busts of the human form is so last millennia, let’s not forget about our four legged friends. This delightful sculpture is a true crowning celebration our canine companions. Offered by Lee Stanton.


Mineral-based materials combine in spectacular fashion in this angular side table. White plaster is adorned with dark green aventurine and pyrite in a simple yet glamorous moment. Offered by Samuel Amoia.

8. Hands Hanging Bowl

This playful hanging bowl is by artist Richard Etts. Using cast plaster hands, he creates a more manual interpretation of the medium. Offered by Regan and Smith.

9. Art Deco White Dove Wall Sconce

Sweeping wing spans in soft white are the dominating feature of these avian accessories. A subtle yet playful sconce, this mounted light will bring a cheeky bit of animalia to any elegant space. Offered by Derive.

10. Rubble Huddle

This sculptural piece by artist Brecht Wright Gander is aptly named Rubble Huddle both for its collected, organic qualities and its similarities to the stylized animation of a certain prehistoric family. Pops of color fill the stacked vessels to complete this multi tonal plaster pile. Offered by Todd Merrill Studio.

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Feature photo by John Merkl